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What happens after we die?

126 answers · 4 days ago

What is 5+5?

17 answers · 1 day ago

Liberals believe that blacks should not be discriminated. They say, "its racist" for white pornstars to refuse to have sex with black men. So they force the white pornstars to have sex with black men. In the future the liberals will make it a crime for all white women to refuse to have sex with a black... show more

Best answer: Bit bizarre i think they'll ban your bowel movements questions however if you ask a question about sex or porn some disgusting stuff thats acceptable

Best answer: School is cool

If someone has a belch and needs to pass gas why let that person suffer? Why not let him just release it? The smel doesn’t even last for 30 seconds yet everyone acts like a total b*tch when someone farts? What’s the deal?

What does 'tuck in' mean?

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Best answer: I would guess that 'tuck in' in this case, means the same as 'dive in' or to start something. So in this case, it could mean to start eating.

Best answer: Molten gold.

Why can’t Jea tell the truth?

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Best answer: some are tempted by demons but doing this wont help.

Which emoji: 🦖 or 🦁?

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Where did Jesus say "Trust the government for everything and make sure they are the ones that make you donate to charity"? It's not like He ever said "GIVE" not "Have the government require you to give....."

Best answer: just a nasty dream....wrong spot

I made a joke question and everyone took it everyone here like 56 or something??? Aren't there any people here who enjoys memes? Where are my fellow 9 year olds at? Where are you?

A good Nick name for pee pee?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Wizzle da pizzle