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Do you like Charlize Theron?

49 answers · Chandigarth · 6 days ago
And what movies have you seen her in?

Does M3M Broadway in Sector 71 only has Commercial projects?

7 answers · Other - India · 2 weeks ago

What is satta ?

18 answers · Mumbai · 2 weeks ago

Did you ever like Adolf Hitler?

10 answers · Lucknow · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: No, he was a dispicable person who caused world war II and caused the deaths of about 30 million people!

What is the best job portal in india?

0 answers · Other - India · 3 weeks ago

Which are the most happening pubs in Pune?

8 answers · Pune · 4 weeks ago

Who are the Top 10 Toys Manufacturer in India ?

6 answers · Other - India · 2 months ago

Who Provide Best Escort Service in Bangalore?

9 answers · Bangalore · 2 months ago

Who is a good divorce lawyer in Hyderabad, India?

2 answers · Hyderabad · 3 months ago

Theres such big Republican support for Georgia's "exact verification" that excludes blacks and Mexicans with hyphenated/accented names, why not use it on them?

Best answer: Yes. agree to disagree.

Best answer: 25% less of a chance now I guess. It's funny how the president is allowed to change his personal opinions about someone based on their political outlook, but no one else is allowed to say things about him and that they don't like him based on the fact that he cheated on his wife, ran companies into the... show more

Which of the following can be found in Bangalore?

6 answers · Bangalore · 7 months ago