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I have seen so many non-porn movies in which the female protagonist was fully nude and yet in most of the same movies even if a couple are engaged in sex together, the male is alwyas either shown from behind, or has a blanket on him, or something which isn't in league with reality. I'm not talking I want... show more

Theres such big Republican support for Georgia's "exact verification" that excludes blacks and Mexicans with hyphenated/accented names, why not use it on them?

Best answer: Yes. agree to disagree.

Best answer: 25% less of a chance now I guess. It's funny how the president is allowed to change his personal opinions about someone based on their political outlook, but no one else is allowed to say things about him and that they don't like him based on the fact that he cheated on his wife, ran companies into the... show more

Best answer: No. One night stands are disgusting and often result in sexually transmitted disease.

Which of the following can be found in Bangalore?

7 answers · Bangalore · 5 months ago

Does this looks like a scooter?

6 answers · Panaji · 9 months ago
Best answer: Moped.

Best answer: Exactly what it says. Dig out your copy of your tax return from last year. What was the AGI? Don't enter pennies. If you didn't keep records, print and mail. The only exception is if you filed very late (say in December), then try 0. If married, enter the AGI twice. If, by any chance, you have never... show more

Poll: Showering at night or showering in the morning?

104 answers · Delhi or NCR · 12 months ago
Best answer: Shower at night to wash off the days work/all the germs I came into contact with before I go in my clean bed, and also in the morning because sometimes I sweat in my sleep and I don’t want to go to work, or chill with friends unclean and smelly.

That’s sick if it is!!!!

Should I hire thr black guy or mexican guy for my resturant?

12 answers · Chandigarth · 12 months ago

Women are just gestation vessels.