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Best answer: Its not an attractive name, it sounds like a word to describe vomiting, "I drank 14 pints of real ale last night, and I glucksburged all over the place". etc.

Which jobs are in most demand in Australia for foreign talent?

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Best answer: The occupations that are eligible for skilled work visas are listed on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL). For all points tested unsponsored skilled immigration and state sponsored skilled immigration visas,... show more

Which company provide Hospitality Uniforms in Adelaide?

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Best answer: I would not take a car into the city at night, parking is an expensive problem. Parking at railway stations outside the CBD is much cheaper than in the city and often free. It is a very pleasant short walk from Circular Quay station to the Opera House. There are Park and Ride car parks servicing the Opera House... show more

Best answer: Sigh.. yes it seems logical. And many coastal, and near coastal, aboriginal communites do indeed have community gardens. Once you get more remote the issues explode tenfold. Some communities don't have money. Ie welfare is not paid in money. Their 'vouchers' can only be spent on crap from the... show more

Can australian shepherds live in an apartment?

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Best answer: Well, to all the nay-sayers out here. I have a VERY healthy mini-Aussie who lives in our townhouse with us. He gets 5 go to the bathroom walks a day, some run time in an open area and some hour long walks occassionally. We play tug and fetch with him in the house. He wrestles with his house-mate, a smaller... show more

Why are the good guys good?

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i mean like, why should they be called good???

Is Australia racist?

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Best answer: Yes more so then the UK but less so then USA.

Getting someone in trouble?

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Okay so last weekend i bought a pregnancy test with a friend at the self serve check outs at Woolworths, and there was a guy from my school there working as an assistant for people who couldn't work the self serves out, anyway we left the shop and he went over to the machine and read our receipt and has told... show more

I m 15 years old and In year 10. I told my mum I wasn t doing very good in school and it s not my thing and told her that I wanted to drop out. She told me that isn t happening but I can stay in school and miss out days of the week to go to work like some of my other mates do. For example my friend who s the same... show more

How did the minimum amount to bid suddenly go down when my own bid a few days ago was over $100 more?

Where can I buy a Picnic mat?

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Best answer: What you're after is a PEVA backed backed picnic rug/blanket. I bought a smallish one from Kmart in Brisbane a couple of months ago. BCF stocks one measuring 3m x 3m which is large enough to double over for added... show more

Can you import a karambit knife from into Australia?

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I am 15 years old, I earn $ 10.40p/h I have worked at Pizza Hut in Australia for about 3 months, I can cut pizza wash up, serve and answer the phone. I have not signed on bit of paper to say I work here does this seem weird? I am apartntly also not entitled to extra money on weekends. Please help?

Adderall in Australia?

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Can somebody point me in right direction to find adderall in Australia melb was thinking of getting on Craigslist if anyone has got of there or gotten in Australia plz share or pm if u like