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Any good takeaways open on Christmas Day in London?

0 answers · London · 5 months ago
Going away for Christmas. Will be getting takeaway, can't afford to book a table at a restaurant as I'm on a budget and I'm going by myself anyway for some peace. Indian or Chinese will do. Nothing special.

I can't eat pub food anymore, why?

6 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 7 months ago
Best answer: after a while, you get "pubbed-out"

I am trying to find a good restaurant with reasonable prices in my area or around my area

Where is a good Indian in London?

10 answers · London · 9 months ago
My work colleague has just moved to London from India and is struggling to find a good variety of Vegetarian food/ Authentic Indian. Where are the most authentic Indian Restaurants in London? We add a lot of stuff for the English Palate so I m trying to find him a list of places where it would be closest to how... show more

How big are servings usually overseas?

7 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 9 months ago
If my family goes to a mid price range restaurant very seldom are we all able to finish our food, despite how hungry we are. Especially in restaurants like Olive Garden where you also get bread and salad on top of a huge plate or bowl full of food. So we usually end up taking a third home for leftovers. But doggie... show more

I had afternoon tea last year when I was in London with an older friend of mine and it was excellent, tasty, and a perfect experience. I was wondering when I go back to London is it possible to have that experience alone in London? If I were to go to a restaurant, cafe, hotel, or wherever and ask for afternoon tea... show more

She wants to go somewhere that is more adult like and not just for kids but I don't want to take her somewhere that will make her feel out of place either. I was hoping for somewhere that will treat her like an adult but not so much that will make her feel uncomfortable. I know, I should know this but... show more

Best answer: Nah. LOOLL did you eat some spicy stuff? BTW, if this isn't a joke and the first time, then there's something wrong with the food. Do tc x

Are Eat and Pret a Manger pretty much the same?

5 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 1 year ago

Best answer: Yes but it's generally over priced. They will get about 50 servings out of a £20 turkey and charge you at least £25 ph. Probably frozen veg and cheap Xmas pud. Plus you'll pay bar prices for drinks (£25 for wine you could get for £5 in a supermarket, £50 v £10 for champagne.)

Best answer: I think it's TGI Fridays.They have 992 locations worldwide and an estimated revenue of over $440,000,000,Gordon Ramsey owns or operates 39,I think it's very safe to say TGI Fridays brand is worth more.

What are the luxury restaurants in Wales?

6 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 years ago

Best answer: Yes I think so. Yep, drinks 2 small cheap starters. Then the mains and dessert.

Is Burnley a great place to live?

4 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 years ago
I just did a research of one of UK cheapest live and Burnley came up. I actually live in one of Uk's most expensive regions and an desirable area where the average house in my street costs 800-900k. I'm talking about a family area in West London (Chiswick). Now how about Burnley? Is that a great place too?