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Poll: have you ever had sex with the same sex?

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Best answer: If you have a 9-5, Monday-Friday, I would get this done Friday night and go braless for the weekend. If you have a retail/food industry job, see if you can't take a couple days off in a row and go braless. If there is NO WAY around it, buy a few loose-fitting bralettes or camis in BLACK and wear that over it... show more

How do you avoid razor bumps on lady parts?

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My boyfriend likes me better when I have a clean shave but the next day I always get super bad razor bumps. I’m really scared of waxing, it seems so painful. Any tips on how to avoid razor bumps/breakout “down there”?

How do you get rid of dark under eye circles?

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Any makeup products, home remedies, or cream recommendations are appreciated.

Are brown eyes ugly?

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So this is sort of a stupid question but I have really really dark eyes, so dark that you can’t even see the pupil, and my friends all have blue eyes. One of them made fun of my eyes and said that they freak her out because they’re so dark, now I’m really self conscious about my eyes.. another friend said I’d look... show more

Alternatives to deodorant? I can't use deodorant? Please help?

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Hi! I am male 12, I am obviously pubescent, but I can not use deodorant due to it actually making me smell worse and making my pits extremely itchy, so are there any alternatives besides showering 2 times a day?

Can cosmetic surgery make you look better?

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should i just wait or is it safe to exercise anyway. Some say that its fine but others say the sweat will ruin the tattoo (my boobs are kinda big and gets pretty sweaty). What should i do? And will the tattoo get stretched or blurry?

What do you think of conch piercings?

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I already have my helix and double lobes pierced. I think conch piercings look cool but I'm not sure if I should get it. I just want to know what other people think of it. Is it cool or gaudy?

Can i glue a wig on my head ?

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I enjoy doing stick and pokes as a hobby but I don’t have any interest in being an actual tattoo artist, I just wanna tattoo my friends and I for fun and not charge them. Is that illegal? Also do not lecture me about infections and shit, I’ve heard it all before and I’m not dumb.

ill be turning 16 this year so I have done some research into whether it's legal or not, some sources say it is and others say it isn't (btw I'm in the UK)

Will people judge/dislike me for having multiple ear piercings?

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Best answer: I wouldnt consider the conch piercing a trashy look, but some employers may see it as a tacky look. The ear piercings u have are quite common so an employer may not have such a problem with them, as they would the conch piercing. If u are worried it may impact a job opportunity I wouldnt get it, unless u work at a... show more

Should I get a new belly piercing?

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I’ve had this one for a long time now, but it comes off as basic, sometimes I feel like getting it switched, but at times I just don’t feel it

Do boney chests on girls look bad?

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I am a girl... you can kind of see two bones poking through near the middle of my ribcage, like if I wear a low v neck you can see it... is this normal?

Poll have you got anything better to do?

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How to straighten wrinkles on non-iron shirts?

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