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fake boobs, bleached hair, bleached skin and straightened hair

Best answer: Nope. I think that's a very good price, as some will charge upwards of $500+. You're paying to set it right and get it healthy again. You did the right thing.

Best answer: Have a sleepover and offer to wax her lip..she'll get the picture.

Best answer: They can't deliver under your bridge.

Does your hair ever gets oily?

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Best answer: Yes. If I don't wash it frequently enough the hair closest to my scalp gets clotted with oil. I had hoped it would stop once I got past my teen years but here I am over 50 still with oily hair.

Best answer: shave it off and start again.

Can I wash my hair every day?

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Best answer: If your hair feels gross then wash it. If you need to wash your hair every day then that's okay. I do the same, some times I leave it unwashed on the weekend if I'm not going out any where special. In the summer I had to wash my hair all most every day, I sweat a lot in my job (and I don't have air... show more

Best answer: It depends on a lot of factors. Genetics being one of the most important. Some people can grow a full beard in a couple of weeks, some can take around a year. Also depends if you can even grow one and your age. A lot of men I know weren't able to grow a beard until after their early 20s.

Best answer: It will get healthy again, but it will take time. Using a harsh detergent pretty much ruined all of the hair you currently have, so you'll just need to be patient while the ruined part grows on out.

What's your favorite hair color?

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And what's your natural hair color?

Best answer: then wash it that way if it looks better

Out of these combinations for females, which do you think are GENERALLY more attractive?

Red hair or blond for a girl?

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it is not natural red, but dyed copper. Or just nice platinum blond. I have green eyes, white skin.