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I am NOT expecting and this question was more of just be curious question.

Poll do you love god?

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Is Brodie a good name?

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Which spelling do you like the most?

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Sean Shawn Shaun

Do U prefer Sean or Tucker?

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Name triplet boys?

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What do you think of the name Chucky for a boy?

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Best answer: My thoughts on this is that this is a very good name for him. Good luck to you.

Opinions on names?

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Best answer: Tyler: great name! My son's middle name 10/10 Ezekiel: great biblical name don't like zeke 8/10 Theo: love it but I think Theodore should be official name 9/10 Ezra: not really a top fan. Better as a middle 6/10 Liam: Love it 10/10 Hunter: great choice 9/10 Aria: love this name 10/10 Nevaya: would... show more

Best answer: Depends on your last name. Keep in mind their monogram. But Wyatt is a good strong name and there are quite a few names that go with it, esp. single syllables or more than 2 syllables. Wyatt James, Wyatt John, Wyatt Alexander. Also, a lot of boy's names can work as unisex - like Blake, Emerson, Dawson and... show more

Ezekiel or Ezra for a boy?

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Name quadruplets?

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Name quadruplets using only 4 letter names! Any gender!

Can you get pregnant by making out naked?

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Best answer: No, as long as he did not penetrate your vagina with his penis, simply because we guys are typically erect when aroused, and can seep ejaculate, and if it is at the cervix, there's always a chance, as remote as it might be.

I like ivy for a first name because it’s not as common as jordyn but i think jordyn ivy flows better. What do you think of the name anyway is it pretty to you?

I told my mother that i only want my husband in the room and she got hurt and she said to me well geuss what nothing will stop me gonna be in there I told her i will feel uncomfortable her being in there she thinks im trying to stop her from seing her gandchild no im trying to not let her come in bc im a private... show more

What should I do now? I feel like I'm all out of options and I do not want this baby at any costs. I'm 26 but I never wanted kids and I just don't want to be a mother. Period. I've been thinking of just drinking the kid to death if I can't get an abortion, but I don't want to harm myself?? show more

1. Bennett- we love the name Ben, but Benjamin just isnt the one. Bennett is a family name. 2. Elias- hubby loves Lucas but my cousin wants to use that name for their little boy, plus it doesnt flow well with our last name. I love Eli because its a timeless biblical name like Noah. Eli alone looks unfinished to... show more