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Playstation games?

12 answers · PlayStation · 2 days ago
On my PS4 is it ok to always download full games instead of buying the discs?

Why do more kids play on xbox than PS4?

6 answers · Xbox · 3 days ago

What is the scariest playstation 4 game ?

9 answers · PlayStation · 6 days ago

Best PC games?

6 answers · PC · 7 days ago

Help me understand PC gaming graphics?

3 answers · PC · 1 week ago
Best answer: Any version of the GTX 1060 should have no problem running Witcher 3 at 60 fps at 1080p . You can always search youtube videos to examples. Just be mindful the laptop version of the 1060 runs slower than the desktop version.

Where can I buy PS4 controller v1?

3 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
I am in the uk and it is sold out in stores

TV or Monitor for Xbox One?

3 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago
I have an Xbox One just sitting around because my parents don't have a TV. Should I buy a TV or monitor to game on?

Question about mailing and packaging items?

3 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago
If I wanted to mail someone an xbox one, could I just give the post office worker the xbox and could they do both the packaging and the mailing for more, with an extra fee? Could I just do this at the standard USPS? Thanks.

Xbox one or switch? I can’t choose?

8 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago

Can a retropie play playstation 1?

7 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
So.... I was wondering if i can put ps1 games on a retropie os

HDMI Cables?

7 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: The cheapest cable will work the same as the dearest.

Which PS4 should I get:PS4 slim or PS4 pro?

5 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
I am interested in buying a ps4, but I do not have a 4k tv. From what I read on youtube, they say that if you never had a ps4, the ps4 pro is worthy regardless whether you have a 4k tv or not. But at other websites they say its not. Which do you think its worth it?

The newer the console the more it breaks............................ I just play video games on it.

He wants to play fortnite and stream on twitch. But when we does this the stream is very laggy and lagging behind. Is this PC powerful enough for this??? I apologise I don t know anything about computers