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Best answer: I'd guess it's speakers for playing music etc. out loud, and headphones (or a headset, with a microphone) for such as game chat or when other people are trying to do things in the same room & the speakers are a nuisance.. I've never used headphones on a desktop PC. Either headphones or PC speakers... show more

Which is better Play Station 4 or PlayStation VR?

5 answers · PlayStation · 6 days ago
Best answer: Neither really is "better". The PSVR requires a PS4 to work; It isn't a stand-alone device that works by itself.

Gt 1030 or gtx 1050?

6 answers · PC · 1 week ago
Best answer: In the Nvidia graphics cards, anything UNDER the x50 cards are considered "bare bones" & not recommended for gaming. Most sub-x50 graphics cards are typically integrated into mid & low-end laptops. While the GTX 1050 is fairly basic graphics card. Compared to previous generation, it would have... show more


5 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago

My wifi is so slow. Please help?

5 answers · PlayStation · 1 week ago
So I live in the country and the max internet service is 25mbs which I have. For some reason everything in my house draws anywhere from 10-15mbs whenever I use it. But my ps4 keeps drawing anywhere from .5 to 2 mbs. It seems every device in the house gets priority over my ps4. I'm a gamer and have been... show more

Was eathr day yesterdea or was it in tomorrow?

5 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago

Buying a new budget pc tomorrow, is it good?

6 answers · PC · 2 weeks ago
Hi guys, so im buying a budget gaming pc tomorrow since im not a super hardcore gamer. Will mostly be playing world of warcraft but thats it... Here are the specs... Ryzen 3 2200g 3.5ghz qaud core 8gb ddr4 ripjaw gaming ram 2400mhz Geforce gtx 1050ti 4gb Corsair vs450 psu I was wondering how well will this system... show more

Under-clocking the PC to conserve energy?

9 answers · PC · 3 weeks ago
I'm not running demanding applications or games at the moment. My PC is running almost 24/7 however. Would it make sense to under clock my PC to lower the electric bill a little? Specs: CPU 1090T; 16gb RAM; RX470; Win7 64

My PC cannot be factory reset?!?

5 answers · PC · 3 weeks ago
I got some kind of virus on my PC and it was so bas I decided I was just gonna factory reset. However, when I go to reset the button that says get started under PC reset won't do anything. I tried using recovery mode. My PC won't go into recovery mode. I tried using commands and it won't work. I feel... show more

Is it stupid?

7 answers · PlayStation · 3 weeks ago
I traded my ps3 slim for ps2 slim. Do you think it is dumb? I made a huge mistake? PS3 have more value than ps2? PS2 games are too old. THere are no ps2 games I don t like.

Or will we always have people who, like with the concept of driverless cars, always prefer to be in control, to have a disc in their hands?

Idk what to do?

6 answers · Xbox · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: read the whole harry potter series, go bike riding, invite people over to hang out, write a short story, go outside and draw the first thing you see, join a club, cook something new

Division 2 for PC keeps crashing?

6 answers · PC · 1 month ago
So i recently just completed my first PC build with a ryzen 2600 processor with 16gb of RAM. When I bought some of these items, they came with free games. For some reason, after about 5 to 15 minutes of gameplay, my computer completely shuts down, no warning sign whatsoever. Im only running it at 1080p at 144 Hz.... show more

Can you play xbox one games on xbox 360?

5 answers · Xbox · 1 month ago