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Best answer: lemme guess. You use your own eyes

is there a way to save it?

There's no way to tell if it's on focus.

Please read all the way through. I run a local small town TV station, and the free cable channel provided to us is off course only Standard Definition. I render the HQ stuff for youtube, and then I size it down to 480p to be played on our TV station. It looks horrible though. Not just grainy but also has a slight... show more

Best answer: A photographic "copy stand" (about $160 from B&H, or look for a used one) might work for this.

What s the best way, in today s technology, to record and store home videos for the future? When I was a kid my parents used VHS recorders, but I now want to record my newborn daughter, although cell phones are good, I ve had them crash before..

I’m sick of hearing my own voice when i watch the video took at concerts or gigs.

I have some old big camcorder that I got in 2002, I remember I got it for my 20th birthday which was in 2002 so it’s kinda old and I lost the charger about 10 years ago, does anyone know of any places that sell chargers for old camcorders? I’m curious to see what’s on it.

How can I convert usb3 to usb2?

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I have a video camera that I am running hdmi out of and I also have a device called camlink. This can link device only works on usb3 and my computer only has usb2. I’m wondering how to convert usb3 to usb2

Best answer: Any or all of these reasons may apply to a particular shoplifter: They can't stop themselves. They don't care. They want to challenge store staff. They get a thrill from it.

My camcorder won’t release my cassette tape. It won’t open when I press eject. I have a Sony ccd-trv57 please help

What were VHS cameras used for?

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Best answer: Prince Charles. Princess William and Harry. etc. Royals are both rich and famous from birth.

From 1980-1999, I know most people used a camcorder (I think) to record stuff.

I want one that is discrete any suggestions leave links or name some and no phone suggestions thats stupid.

Best camcorder?

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*PLEASE READ* Hi I'm looking for a camcorder for short films. I'm used to DSLRs but I want a camcorder that's good in: - low light - looks professional - nice color i was looking at a canon xa10 but those are a lot older can anyone help me out?? i really need one that is good in low light

Best answer: We don't know if you already have: Microphones (there is no single best mic - it depends on the scene). At a minimum, a shotgun (condenser) mic and a couple of wireless lavalieres. Just this could use your entire $850 budget. I use Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Sony (professional) mics and lavs. Audio... show more