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Best answer: Call or Text Your Phone. The first thing you should do in the event that you've lost your phone is to call it from another phone. Perhaps you've merely misplaced it. If you've indeed lost your phone, perhaps someone has picked it up and they're trying to find the best way to get it back to you.

Twitter wasn't invented back then so why would they need the hashtag?

Is that possible?

okay so. i cracked my screen in december and just got it fixed in june. i paid full price of the $169 + tax (so about $195) threw best buy geek squad, and it wasnt until after the fact i realize i have a warranty on my phone. is there any way i could get some of that money back or no? it’s an apple iphone 7 plus

Can I change my Plan on my Phone.?

4 answers · 1 week ago
So I have a Samsung Galaxy and with Virgin mobile I pay $45 a month but want Date and I'm still paying it off. Can I change my Plan even though I'm still playing it off?

My smartphone going slow?

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So I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 prime and I've had it since July of 2018. But as of right now it is acting pretty slow and crappy. That s not the point. Even though I turn it off it dies slowly. I think that it s one of my apps. I start deleting apps to no prevail. I just want to know if there s a problem with it... show more

Best answer: First off it's highly against the law to sell property that you do not own it's called in your case felony theft by conversion. If you're in a finance agreement with a phone company to pay for a telephone and you go out and you sell the phone to somebody you have one option you can take the money that... show more

Best answer: Press the volume up during a call, use the speakerphone function or use s Bluetooth earpiece. Make sure your friend is holding the phone correctly and the speaker is directed in her ear. It's common to incorrectly place the phone to one's ear.

IPhone better than any other phone?

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Best answer: Really depends on your needs,preferences and what you can afford. It is better than older models of android phones but nowadays the androids offer just as much or more functions but are getting really expensive as well. So it really depends on the user. Personally, I prefer iPhones :)

Best answer: Sorry, I hung up on this conversation a while ago. πŸ“žπŸ‘‹

Feels like retard, rushed to buy as price was good.

Best answer: I think you'd be ok. I am currently on a 60mbps connection with 4 using it & no complaints.

Best answer: Two tin cans and a string.