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So that it won't get stolen

Hey, I’ve recently been extremely worried about this because sometimes I use my phone for 6+ hours a day. I looked it up and there are many people supporting either sides of the argument. I also feel dizzy and have a headache after using my phone for a long time, so that also causes me to worry. Does anyone know if... show more

I wanna get a new phone coz someone stabbed me and I lost it somewhere after like 2 years ago so ive been using second hand phones till my contract was up... tbh im a big fan of the s8 over the s9 because I think the rear (even tho people complain about it) looks better with the sensor and cam side by side... also... show more

Best answer: Because they think it's cool to have the latest and greatest electronic devices. I'm still using an iphone 5s and it works just fine. ☺

What happens to an IPhone thief?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: They steal what ends up being a brick.

So President Trump just said he's creating a system to send alerts to anybody's phones whether they want them or not. How can I prevent messages from my phone?

Reason I may not be able to charge my iPhone. Forgot or don’t have any charger at all my, and no where to buy one or I don’t have money to buy one. No where to plug in my charger or some other reason I can’t charge my iPhone at all.

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s blacklisted eBay purchase. Is it possible to remove it?

Best answer: Usually makes me jump a little!

Best answer: The inaccurate Yahoo filters are finding something in it that has been used in trolling many times, so they never let it get to the board. I would think about what might be the offending word and spell it differently so it doesn't set off the filter

How to gift an iPhone to a friend?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: In that case, strain your tap water, and you should get your data back.

How to fix phone battery?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
My 6 year old sister has a Motorola 3gen for games and it goes dead at 0 percent when its charged but when you put it back on the charger it goes back to the normal percentage. Can someone tell me if theres any possible way to fix it without getting it repaired somewhere, you can't even take the battery out