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I see a bunch of scratches. I have dropped it a few times but it was on carpeted and soft floors. I thought that if the I phone x is so expensive and the newest iPhone, shouldn’t it be more durable?

So my mom took me off her cell phone plan because she got tired of paying for me. So know i am without a cell phone. I make very little money and i dont want to spend more then $30 a month.What would be a good plan like that?

If I get the Xs with 256 gb, I would be paying $56.16 a month for 24 months including apple care + ($1,347 in total). As I understand, I can upgrade in 12 months and start a new 24 month plan. My question is this: If I upgrade in 12 months and then after the next 24 I quit, that means that in 36 months I will have... show more

So im really cheap and i dont want to spend $1000 on a phone. My current smartphone is a galaxy s4 that does not hold charge well and the camera lens is cracked. So i want a good cheap smartphone for under $150. I will only be using it for making calls and listening to music at school. What are some good options?

Best answer: Go for the iPhone SE! You can just as easily use the iPhone as an iPod. To be honest, the iPod touch line up that Apple has is kinda pointless nowadays. It's really much better just to get an older iPhone and use it as an iPod. This is why Apple hasn't updated the iPod line up in years. Trust me on this.... show more

Best answer: Mostly when it comes to multi-tasking. In some cases the one with more memory would be able to keep the apps in memory longer, though optimisation does factor in as well (at least in the case of the iPhone)

Or can I sign into my new phone when I get it and my apple pay money will be there? I still have the old phone and sim card still works. But verizon will send new phone and new sim card. Dont want to lose those $500 in there

Why are iPhones so popular?

44 answers · 2 weeks ago
Why are iPhones so popular and considered cool. I think they are overpriced, and literally every new iPhone does the same as the last. There are much better,and cheaper alternatives, all which do the same as the iPhone. For example. I know plently of other phones with better camera quality, face recognition, more... show more

Best answer: Because they're calling my personal cell phone trying to push a product on me that I never asked for, never signed up for, and do not want. Not only that, they're aggressive and won't take no for an answer. For this reason I go out of my way to destroy the telemarketer until they hang up me. I've... show more

Best answer: Nano-SIM Card

Is the Samsung a6 waterproof?

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I m about to buy one, and it most sites I ve looked at say it has an IP68 waterproof and rustproof rating. But a lot of people have been saying that their A6 has died after submerging it in water. I would like to hear from someone who has the phone and has used it in water. Thankyou!

No cheating

Best answer: We lived for millions of years as a species without one and if we need to, we can do that again. Top uses are things like navigation to places we don't know where are, texting family, friends, and relatives. And occupying time with news, games and the like. My mother will read books in the waiting room with... show more

so i right now have an iphone 6 and its not really working anymore its to the point where i need a new phone and i dont know which one i should get. i was thinking iphone 8. i have dropped my iphone 6 in the toliet 3 times and dropped it normally on the ground more than three times. when i play music on it theres... show more