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My phone fell face flat into a pile of cow poop Lol. It's a Nokia smartphone. I feel really gross about it using it now. Can I turn my phone off and then scrub it with soap and cold water? I will let it dry for 6 hours before turning it on again. Is this a good idea? (And no I don't want to just... show more

I own an iPhone. I'm a Pizza Delivery Driver and my boss is batshoot crazy. She keeps calling me when I'm on the road delivering pizza which of course it's dangerous and illegal to talk on the phone so I would block her. Problem is, it's too obvious that I block her, because she would hear a ring... show more

Best answer: Nope. Never. Let 'em leave a message.

My phone is off?

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How to fix my iphone?

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My iphone has been dropped from table and after that its not starting up. If I connect it to charger only apple logo appears and gets stuck there. Sometimes the logo disappears with a red screen. This phone is out of apple service and I took it to a local mechanic. He said its a software problem but he couldn't... show more

Best answer: WiFi is not the internet. It is something a router can provide. You get internet from an ISP. Their modem might also have WiFi on it but that is something I do not recommend. Basically, the internet comes via Phone/Fiber/Cable to a modem. The modem turns the analog signal into digital ones and forwards that to... show more

Best answer: No it doesn't. Though I believe Verizon phones were sold unlocked from the start so it shouldn't matter in this case. Whether or not they are unlocked you can sell them anyway, would just have to acknowledge that they are locked & to which carrier. But again, I think it is unlocked already. Could check... show more

Best answer: Your cell phone company will usually add it to your next bill. That's basically it. You pay them, they send money to the charity.

Best answer: All you can do is wait and see; it normally takes at least two hours on charge before it's worth trying the two button reset, in my experience. Until it has rebooted and is working normally, the battery charge controller does not work the same and it can take a very long time to get even a partial... show more

Best answer: Had a lanyard for a phone, about 20 years ago, but never used it. Do know one person who uses one, but she's in her early 70s and uses a walker due to MS.

Best answer: Unfortunately, I do not think so

OLED is objectively superior, yet many phones that are less than 1 year old (XR, G7, etc) have an LCD display. Why is LCD still a thing in 2018/19? OLED gives better contrast, allows for always on display, saves battery, etc.

Best answer: can't u just email yourself?