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Best answer: U have to go to a phone place a replace the battery apple doesnt want people getting in there devices so go to a phone shop i recommend ubreakitifixit

Best answer: I can tell you a big d really amplifies me to make loud noises.

speakers come in 2-way. 3-way. 4-way variants, how many speakers are in headphones?

Best answer: That's happened to me before. I think the tape just wasn't wound properly or tightly enough, so when I played one side all the way to the end, the other started working fine. Funny it didn't do that when I just fast-forwarded.

Best answer: Use your tone control or equiliser. Don't cover the port.

Best answer: acoustic, in this case, is just a filler word. it refers to the fact that it deals with sound...which ALL headphones do. so it is redundant. if it doesn't specify, it is usually active, not passive noise cancelling. this might help explain:

Can I use a power amplifier with my floorstanding speakers or does it have to be PA speakers?

I don't know how weird this is or if anyone else ever feels this way, but there have been many times where I want the effects of music but the thought of listening to actual music (whatever genre, and I listen to a WIDE range) sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Normally, I listen to music to recharge and relax,... show more

Best answer: The best way is by having an audio repair technician do it.

Best answer: If your deck doesn't have an erase head, it can't "record silence". It is likely that your deck has a permanent-magnet erase head that is placed in contact with the tape only when the record function is engaged. Such heads are unfortunately part of many recent cassette decks, as they are much... show more

Why are my headphones muffled?

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Best answer: Dirty port (clean this out gently and safely) or wiring issue, either in your device or the headphones. Yes, other headphones may or may not work, friending upon the internal contact area. My husband was such when I actually removed compacted FELT made from the accumulated dust from his pockets! One day it is... show more

Is Michael Jackson a good pop singer?

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Best answer: i think so

Best answer: Belive it ir not, I seen DVD prices that were over a grand on Amazon! I can send you the link

Best answer: No, why should it be bad? If you don't like music then you don't need to listen to it.