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Best answer: Damn I am so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what’s going on, but I have NEVER met a person in my entire life who liked Nickelback. Yet that are famous. How is this possible!

Best answer: Yes you should. If Ray from Ray's Music Exchange is willing to throw in the black keys for free then so should those other stores.

I just received it as a present from my dad and it’s a few years old. It plays a few rpm too fast and it plays at about 35 instead of 33. We tried replacing the belt but nothing seems to be working. It’s a TPC-767 if that helps.

so it was like a little cd player thing but instead of a cd you would put in this chip that had like 2 songs on it. i can’t remember the name

Best answer: One speaker items are difficult to find these days. However the older portable radios are still out there on the market. I actually use this model exclusively here at home as my home... show more

In my purse, I carry: *LG Stylo 2 *Pink 6 ft android charger for work *Ipod Classic *Ipod classic charger *Dual rose gold wall adapter *Black earbuds *Backup pink earbuds *Ipad earbuds *Ipad earbuds adapter *Two rose gold portable chargers *Pink pig phone holder *Headphone splitter *One foot ipad charger cord *35w... show more

So at first everything was fine, both of my earbuds worked. One day the right one just stopped working. It took me a while to discover, that when I connect those earbuds to an another device, they are perfectly working. And also, if I connect any other (new) earbuds to my phone, always only one is working. Earbuds:... show more

Which ones best for games, camera, internet, music and daily uses?

I never bought an apple product until now.l never had an apple id until now. Now I have an ipod touch 4th generation, but cant download any app insta gram, snap chat, facetime. I keep getting message saying need to update ios past 6.1 How can I get apps that use the current ios.

Do you hate notches on phones?

5 answers · 3 weeks ago
I want to know how many ppl think like I do cause i hate them. If u dont know what a notch is I put an example below. Black bar on the top of the screen

Is buying vinyl worth it?

10 answers · 3 weeks ago
I feel really guilty about buying a record player. I know it s a waste of money, but it s something I ve wanted for a long time. I ve bought 5 records so far ($80), and I have my grandma s record collection. I made a vinyl wishlist, and it costs over $1,200 for the 51 albums. I wanted to spend about $60-70 a month... show more

Best answer: I thought this was a joke, but I guess the Chinese have flooded the market with knock-off electronics.

Best answer: CDs aren't going away, although their overall numbers may diminish. As long as there is sufficient demand, you will be able to get something you can use. Don't fear occurrences you can't prevent --- it's exactly the same as worrying, which Never does any good.

Best answer: That sounds more like a problem with your internet connection than the app, that you don't even have yet. May simply be a 'hiccup' in your connection. Could just try again.

Which turntable do I upgrade to?

2 answers · 4 weeks ago
Hi All, I thought i'd post a question asking for some advice on a turntable upgrade. About 5 years ago I started collecting records. I started off with a Technics SL-B210. Being underwhelmed by the sound quality i'm ready to move onto something more impressive. I didn't want to make the same mistake... show more