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Is the LNP's election win "the sweetest victory of all"?

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Who will succeed Shorten?

4 answers · Other - Australia · 17 hours ago
Plibersek is married to a drug dealer so no. Wong is a left wing zealot so no. Albo cannot help himself with his 19th century class war rhetoric about fighting the Tories. Only Bowen is left but his silly drive down the price of your house nonsense killed the ALP in Queensland.

What time of year is best to visit New England?

6 answers · Other - United States · 1 day ago
Best answer: Seafood is available year round. The temperatures are nice in the summer, but the fall leaves are beautiful.

What's the point of Canada?

13 answers · Other - Canada · 21 hours ago
What has it or its people ever done for the world?

Las Vegas vs Atlantic City?

8 answers · Las Vegas · 2 days ago
Best answer: Atlantic City is nothing like Vegas. Many of the casinos have closed and the city hit some hard times, which led to an increase in crime and shady areas. That being said, I still like to visit because it's a fun place - great seafood, the charm of the boardwalk, an outlet mall, etc. It's not that far... show more

Or will they sit back and let America send its boys to die in yet again another Arab country. That's what they do don't they? Plot, scheme, control the worlds banking systems, import immigrants to the west whilst staying pure themselves and stir war while staying in the background. With all of israels... show more

She said she wants to feel as a tourist in her city. That is extreme level arrogance right?

We're considering Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Salzburg/or Vienna. Any suggestions on which ones to go to?

When exchanging money at an airport, is there a fee?

11 answers · Air Travel · 1 day ago
From US dollars to Euros

Tony Abbott vs Scott Morrison for the leadership of Australia?

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Is that because you are a little bit racists and you have a small problem with her skin colour?

Why do people think denmark exists?

17 answers · Denmark · 4 days ago
Best answer: First country to legalize pornography.

Are fake opinion polls as big a problem as the fake news?

7 answers · Other - Australia · 14 hours ago
Look at the Wikipedia link. NINETY-SIX opinion polls in a row for the Australian election predict a Labor victory yet the Liberal/National coalition win the only opinion poll that matters.

Best answer: Liberals might be in charge now, but doesn't mean Australia is the worst country... Things could be worse.

Best answer: I don't know why you're trying to discourage people from going to Paris, but please stop it. Paris has not changed, except for the Notre Dame fire. It's still a beautiful city, and well worth visiting. Stop lying.

What happens when u land at a Canadian Airport ?

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I want to hear your experiences of visiting Canada. Ive heard that in the US when visitors come whether for a tour or a visit they are asked to give their finger prints(biometric) at the airport on arriving in Canada for security purposes,so is it the same for people coming to Canada? I'm a British myself,... show more