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She lost the governor bid, is a bad speaker, and most Americans don't know who she is. Do you think people left the tv on to listen to a stranger who is an awful orator? I think putting Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren (someone running for the presidency in 2020) would have made more sense. I think the... show more

Is Meghan Markle faking her pregnancy?

28 answers · Florianopolis · 3 days ago
Best answer: Everything Marke does is fake, she's an actress. It's difficult to get pregnant at 37 without fertility treatments (side effects?). You wouldn't risk that by flying to Morroco at 7 months pregnant.

What happens if you get fired on a cruise?

12 answers · Cruise Travel · 2 days ago
What happens if you’re working on a cruise like as a cook or something but you mess up and get fired while out at sea? Do they just kick you off? Or do they throw you in the brig until the cruise finishes its trip? Do cruise ships even have brigs?

Best answer: The only collusion found was between Democrats and Russia.

What was the largest protest to ever take place in Australia?

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1.5 million people in the UK marched as a protest to the Iraq War on the 15th of February 2003. As far as I know that is the largest act of civil disobedience of all time. What was the largest in Australia?

If I was born in 2000, can I be a '90s baby?

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Liberals, are you still supporting Smollett?

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Best answer: North End Road Market; Fulham; lovely in Summer, but open all year long.

Benito Mussolini renounced Socialism and despised the Socialists anti-war/hippy position. He perceived war as a good way of boosting his nations economy. So why did he ally the Nazis if the Nazis were all Socialists?

Best answer: Prince George, Is the monarchies only hope.

And Hitler never gassed the Jews, he hired other people who did that for him?

What comes to mind when people think of New Orleans?

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Is emigrating to Australia a bad idea?

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I’m in the UK about to do A levels and I’m thing of uni now, I am really attracted to a career in Law or Media (ino there’s a big difference), Media is unlikely to get me anywhere in the UK currently because of shrinking jobs ( also law isn’t as secure as before) and its always been a dream of mine to move to... show more