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In anthropogenic global warming theory, CO2 is regarded as the controlling GHG despite the fact that H2O vapor is by far the strongest GHG, both spectrally and in concentration. AGW advocates argue this point by claiming that the H20 vapor greenhouse effect cannot be a temperature "forcing" due to its... show more

Best answer: Trump himself is the personification of a money-making hoax.


Should climate change protesters in London be banned from flying ?

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Best answer: The Arctic and Antarctic ice has natural fluctuations and right now both are expanding. The Sun is transitioning into a Solar Grand Minimum cycle, so be prepared for longer and colder Winters, crop losses due to early and late frosts and cost of living going sky high.

Best answer: Yes, it is, now you'll have to excuse me as I need to go and boil some water in the freezer.

What role does the ocean play in global warming?

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Best answer: No such thing as "global warming." In fact, the arguments are so weak that trolls are paid to delete opposing answers on Yahoo. Leading the paid troll troupe is Dirac. He has a crapload of sock accounts because he has deleted my answers by reporting them mulitple times. Paid trolling is not... show more

Will Notre Dame ever be the same thing again?

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I know they intend to rebuild it, but will it ever be the same thing again? I believe that they can make it look the same, but in my opinion they will never be able to fully bring back what it once was. Because the originality is now lost, everything they make, as good as it might look, will be nothing but a... show more

What happens if all the engines stop working?

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Best answer: One of the fundamental differences between the political left and political right is that the left is not so self-centered. They prefer to prevent people from having to become refugees.

What is NASA's role with climate and climate research?

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Best answer: Yes every time a totalitarian ruler dies the world Cools off by a quarter of a degree. When ever A thousand democrats die it cools off by the Same among. Both pollute more than most People. Even though they lie and say they Support the environment while flying private Jets and living in mansions and driving... show more

Which is the cheapest source of energy as of now?

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I documented in another question how 88-95 percent of plastic comes from 10 world rivers. They are all in Asia and Africa. (I can cite that again if needed). The US has vastly curbed a lot of pollution problems. Lake Erie has been cleaned up. Asbestos use is greatly reduced. There is no more lead in paint. ... show more