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Best answer: These wealthy lefties will do just fine. They'll just have to live in another one of their houses for a while. Poor things.

Best answer: Tell his parents. Even if he is thirty. Yes, it is a **** move and you'll lose a friend, but he won't go to jail.

Best answer: Joe, I really don't care about the infidelity. What consenting adults legally do in their private lives is none of my business and I have no problem respecting the privacy. When the reps took Clinton to task for lying about his wet willie w/ impeachment, that's one of the more embarrassing chapters is US... show more

Describe Donald Trump in three words?

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What's wrong with gun control?

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Why can't we just castrate paedophiles?

38 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 day ago
It doesn't need too be like physical scalpel and lab coats type of deal, it could be chemical castration and there could be like a 3 strikes and your out type thing. Seems pretty reasonable too me.

I'm a proud member of the Republican Party?

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How about you?

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

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What is wrong with socialism?

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Best answer: A friend of mine got duped by this scam artist, his name was Henry Kaye, he taught real estate investing, with no money down, or something like that, joining a group of people who all invested in properties, so my friend signed up for a course that cost thousands of dollars, and it was a scam, he ended up changing... show more