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I encourage my cats to get on the counters because that's where I feed them. My roommate takes issue with this.

The following climate experts have come out to state that fossil fuels do not contribute to Global Warming: Charles Koch, CEO of Koch Industries Darren Woods, CEO of ExxonMobil Jeff Miller, CEO of Halliburton CHECKMATE, Liberals.

How to pick out the right cat?

16 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
Best answer: Your best bet is going to a shelter and visiting the cat room. While kittens are adorable the sweet cute little friendly babies can turn into a raging nasty neurotic cat once it’s gone through grouch cat puberty so to speak (they are spayed and neutered young) but about 7 to 9 months old rowdy kitten might turn... show more

The commercials that raise money for abuse dogs makes me said but it’s good the are spreading awareness right, We don’t want the animals to suffer in silence.

Is it cruel to do this?

12 answers · Cats · 13 hours ago
so, were getting a female kitten. and basically, my mum says she wants to make it so it wont have wee baby kittens when its older? i dont know if this is cruel or good. thanks!

I'm giving him extra love & attention. He's become lethargic, nibbles when eating, normal water intake for activity. Isn't asking for as many treats, Whining low guttural noise, goes to her spot and looks sad. has brought me her toys but won't play at all right now.

My sister moved in with her dog...?

21 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
Last month my sister came down for a "vacation" and ended up moving in with her dog. I have a five year old and two cats. And we were planning on getting my son a puppy for his birthday. My problem is her dog. It is untrained. It growls and barks and she feeds it people food so it begs us all for... show more

Should I rehome my dog?

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My wife wants to rehome our dog because she poops in her cage sometimes and we have a baby about to be born and she doesnt want the baby to be exposed to dog poop.

What can i feed a dog when i have no dog food?

15 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
So im 14 and my sisters dog is here and she keeps saying she'll pick him up then doesn't and i know for a fact he is starving since he only eats twice a day and i wasnt able to give him much to eat this morning and he wont get food till tomorrow because my mom decided to get him food just incase my sister... show more

When is the right time to wean puppies?

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I’m not going to make a giant sob story on here like most people do just so they don’t get hate,so if your going to be rude you’ll get blocked,call me sensitive but there is a difference between giving an opinion and answering a question. Now that’s out of the way let me explain,My dog gave birth to 8 pups 4... show more

She's developing a liking for chewing on cords. Usually we catch her before she gets too far with it, but there have been a few casualties. This was the last straw however, as it is the cord for our modem. It's still relaying, but if we dont find something to deter her from chewing, itll be done for.

He’s always on guard that he won’t even lie down and sleep. He’s always following her and he won’t leave her alone. Is this normal? I’m worried.

I found a feral kitten over the winter who was in pretty sad shape. I took her in, cleaned her up, fed her, got her checked by a vet. Physically she is healthy and happy, and has adjusted to being an indoor cat. In fact, she was afraid of the grass when I took her outside in my fenced yard. She loves to play,... show more

I wanna train my cats to open doors?

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Unfortunately I have stupid door handles that are just horizontal lines, so whenever I tie a rope to it and they try to use it, it just slips off. Is there a specific knot I can tie that will prevent this from happening? Instructions would be helpful - thanks!