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Most women can't give up a child they carried and bond with for 9 months, whether they can care for it or not.

I would feel safer knowing that a sorry excuse for a man who worked with Radical Christian Pro Life Terrorists to make the world unsafe for Cisgender and Transgender Women, actual Living Children, was no longer with us. What do you think?

Should Yahoo investigate people who have multi accounts?

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One in particular gives himself best answers

Who else believes in Truth, Justice and the American Way?

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We must put Americans First. Immigration must be slowed down. Work Visas for foreigners must stop. Companies must come back on shore. Offshore operations must stop or companies must be fined $2,000,000 per Business Day. If a Foreigner wants to become a US Citizen they must pay $1,000,000.

Who would you like to see running the UK?

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Would you date a porn star?

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Best answer: Maybe if he was retired from it (and hadn't racked up dozens of STDs in the process) but definitely not if it was something he was still doing for a living. Shame that most of the really hot ones seem to be gay, though.

What would you do if George W. Bush started his own talk show?

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What is the weirdest video game you have ever played?

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Will you be voting tactically in the European elections?

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Tactical voting takes advantage of the current political mess by helping pro-Remain voters to make the right choices. It’s these choices that will help to save our star. ​ ​ The D’Hondt voting system used in the European elections isn't simple. That’s why clever minds have come together to crunch the numbers on... show more

Did you know there is a loophole in the Alabama abortion law?

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Best answer: no but now i do

Do you remember when you could leave your front door open?

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Best answer: Not personally, but my grandparents can remember that during the 1950s and often left their keys in the car and nobody stole it.

Such as the immigration crisis at the border or the homeless epidemic in California?

Best answer: The UK would have to apply to join the EU just like any other applicant state. It would probably sail through the thirty-five tests applicants must pass, things like an acceptable human rights record, but the process would still take several years and accession would require the unanimous vote of all member states.... show more

Best answer: they borrow money from us. the tax payers.