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Best answer: Accessory after the fact of Staff is a dead end job.

The Brexit vote is off,how long delayed for?

9 answers · Current Events · 16 hours ago
How long is Brexit pushed back?

Is there such a thing as a fair media assessment of Trump?

17 answers · Media & Journalism · 10 hours ago
Best answer: Look at what "The Economist" has to say about Trump --- they are a bunch of smart, well-educated Brits with a bias toward capitalism and good government.

Do you support Israel or Palestine?

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My class was having a discussion. Who do you support? Please tell me why.

Best answer: It is easy to sit back and criticise after the event but T.May has tried very hard to save the U.K. from the claws of the EU who who quite easily would like to bleed our country dry. Lets get out and stay out I say

Best answer: Based on relative probabilities, that would be Trump. However, there is no valid basis for an impeachment charge against Trump at this time.

Should Christmas be cancelled this year because of Brexit?

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threats and harassment from Trump and his supporters?

Best answer: Probably. Young people were not raised with national pride like we were in the post-war decades. They see the world in different, more practical, more inclusive terms. They know that 'Little England' is indeed little on its own because they have never seen its greatness or witnessed the work ethic and... show more

Should the UK remain in the EU?

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Best answer: far right chav brexiters have thrown UK off the white cliffs of dover without a parachute or safety net

Should the UK apply to join the US after it's left the EU?

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Best answer: No, we should join forces with China and Japan because they are the manufacturing bases and we can share in their wealth and especially China's flourishing economy. They are set to dominate the world stage and Britain can be a part of that....and let's face it, Chinese people over here cause no problems and... show more

Best answer: It already has, but not a peep earlier on the bbc. The people in France voted for a globalist banker, without a clue how to run a country. He has been lucky that the media are distracted by brexit but these riots show how unpopular... show more

WHY is Brexit such a bad idea?

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Best answer: I believe they will eventually. More and more US states are abolishing capital punishment, New Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut and Delaware have abolished it in the past 10 years, for instance. It'll probably be abolished all over the US and at the federal level within a generation or so, but states like Texas... show more