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Why is there so little sympathy for Shemima Begum ?

26 answers · Current Events · 16 hours ago
I mean, the poor girl, like she says she is only a housewife at the end of the day. And think of the stress she will suffer on bin collection day back in the UK. I mean, what to do with those pesky heads....should they go in the bin....or maybe the recycling box...heck, they won't even fit in the food waste... show more

Is this the end of The Labour Party?

23 answers · Current Events · 14 hours ago

Best answer: They are the true "takers". Consider "right-to-work" laws. They are specifically designed so that takers can have union-level wages and benefits without paying union dues. In other words, they always want something for nothing.

Is there really a national emergency happening?

40 answers · Current Events · 2 days ago

Are we now facing a decade of Tory rule?

16 answers · Current Events · 14 hours ago

Is ISIS sending its army to England now?

13 answers · Women's Health · 7 hours ago
Nigel Farage suggested that ISIS will be sending millions of its fighters into Europe under the guise of refugees. How right he is. We have that gormless unrepentant cockroaches Shamima begum begging to return here and raise her sprog so he can grow up and murder us all. Soon more will follow her wake the... show more

Shamima Begum left London in 2015 to join IS. Now pregnant, she wants to return to the UK. Should she be allowed, and if so under what circumstances?

Trump is declaring a national emergency. What does that mean?

38 answers · Current Events · 4 days ago

Best answer: She should be executed.

Best answer: Some of the British scum still think they are in Empire times

Best answer: Trump literally could get by with murder and no one would touch him. Conflict of interest, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, violations of emoluments clause, campaign finance violations, stealing money from his charity foundation, etc. The Trump crookedness and corruption continues onward.

Will Brexit tear apart the Labour party?

11 answers · Current Events · 6 hours ago
In a similar way it’s caused great rifts in the Conservative party