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Best answer: Yes

Best answer: asheville for sure (guessing north asheville), but maybe closer, not sure.

Are most of them on birth control, or do they use just condoms?

Best answer: There are very few places on Earth in which it is totally impossible to buy food. But for many people in several parts, including those in much of North Korea, it is hard to buy enough food for a good diet because those people are very poor.


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A job with not much interaction with people? I know I sound like a loser but I have anxiety and I’ve tried to overcome but I honestly I give up. Don’t tell me to face it please, just give me job ideas. Like a cashier is a no go. I’m doing online school next year, so I’ll have a lot more free time anyways...

I ordered something for my mom for her birthday and I don’t what her to find out what it is by looking on the box.

How much for dog insurance?

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How much will it be for four large dogs?

I went to my local O'Reillys auto parts store to ask about a sound my car was making. The person at the front told me to ask the guy that was there from Gates Rubber Company. I believe the guy's name was Dunnie Dunovant. I told him that my car had been making a creaking sound when turning the key to... show more

I am meeting with a family with 3 dogs to start sitting. It will be all different days and in 2 weeks will be a week stright i was wondering what i should charge for 3 dogs?

I ordered a package originally from Indiana and it arrived here in Washington where I am, and now its in Oregon?? wtf?

I went to cvs and purchased items that were buy 1 get one half off. At the register my boyfriend said no to the cvs card number because the last time we went it wouldn’t work for some reason, which was our stupid mistake. So our total charge was $75, and that was a lot more than what I expected, and that’s when we... show more

Best answer: I don't think you're obliged to leave big tips. I think all tips are at your discretion. Actually tips are a con because they encourage the management to pay less than a living wage, in the hope that tips will raise the workers' wage up to a living wage. So if you give a tip you're encouraging... show more

Is greek world still in business?

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I have a 2003 Chevy Impala and I had a stereo in it before but it was only a 120 watt stereo so I replaced it with a 200 watt stereo. I wired it all and it turns on and there’s no sound. I tried using my old stereo in it but now that doesn’t have sound either. I do have a stock amp and I wired the ground from the... show more