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Best answer: They do anything you want for money. especially if it's in Confederate currency

Best answer: Call them first. It maybe in the back bundled up ready to deliver.

Best answer: Amazon Online Shopping is cutting a big hole in the brick and mortar stores

As a real estate agent, I currently have a client at firm A. I, however, am transferring to a new job at firm B (completely different firm). Can I take my client with me? Or does that client stay with firm A?

Telling the manager off?

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I told the manager at Mc Donalds exactly this.. Sure, they go to work for 40 hours a week, and bring home about $700 biweekly, or about $1,400 a month.. They have access to Archways to Opportunity. Did they use it ? Nope. They have $3,000 discount at the Community college. Did they use it ? Nope. So f)uck... show more

Nearest 24hr pawn shop?

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Best answer: Yes

Best answer: asheville for sure (guessing north asheville), but maybe closer, not sure.

DMCC allows forced leave without pay?

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Are most of them on birth control, or do they use just condoms?

Best answer: There are very few places on Earth in which it is totally impossible to buy food. But for many people in several parts, including those in much of North Korea, it is hard to buy enough food for a good diet because those people are very poor.


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A job with not much interaction with people? I know I sound like a loser but I have anxiety and I’ve tried to overcome but I honestly I give up. Don’t tell me to face it please, just give me job ideas. Like a cashier is a no go. I’m doing online school next year, so I’ll have a lot more free time anyways...