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Kicked out of a bar for no reason, what can i do?

12 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 1 day ago

Best answer: Yes, because many chavs aren't mixed-race and incestuous.

Best answer: If I were in their position, I wouldn't want to read some of the very justifiably negative comments either. I am all for a Monarch as Head of State but, that does NOT apply to their offspring and so far this year, two Royal weddings have cost the police about £50 million, in providing security. Money that could... show more

Thrown out of summer camp?

5 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
I am 14 and have autism. I am obsessed on wanting a girlfriend and this past summer attended a day camp. I had a crush on a girl at the camp and she did not like me back. I got upset and tried to grab the girl's face and kiss her. She told me to get away from her. I then began tantruming and laying on the... show more

Does he condone state sponsored murder?

Best answer: The metoo movement is designed to scare men. . . . Period.

Are Trump supporters defined by their fear of Feinstein?

12 answers · Ciudad Real · 1 week ago
Best answer: Trump supporters are defined by their fear, period. Fear is their primary motivator. They fear change, minorities, women’s rights, new ideas, the future, liberals, education, gays, foreigners, etc.

Should we feel any sympathy for Major Hewitt?

7 answers · Calgary · 7 days ago
Best answer: He didn't have to go there did he. No sympathy.

Honestly. do you think she is pretty?

7 answers · Lampung · 1 week ago
Best answer: Honestly no

Best answer: I'm sure Trump doesn't understand the process and is probably ranting about ways to punish Chief Justice Roberts. Edit: Someone apparently didn't like your question and changed the category. I'll change it back to Politics if you don't.

Best answer: 25% less of a chance now I guess. It's funny how the president is allowed to change his personal opinions about someone based on their political outlook, but no one else is allowed to say things about him and that they don't like him based on the fact that he cheated on his wife, ran companies into the... show more

And why should we hire you?

11 answers · Can Tho · 1 week ago