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So, you don't know me, but I will just tell you what I want to write about. I feel like when I was 23, I had no purpose in life. College was done, I had no job, no job offers out of my interviews, etc. I finally caught a break to go to grad school and then I got hired right away after. During the end of... show more

Best answer: Yes and kill you

What is this on my dogs mouth?

7 answers · Palembang · 2 days ago
He’s going to the vet Tuesday’s but I just wanted to know if anyone else’s dog had this or something similar. He’s a 2 yr old basset housing

Are scientists gods?

14 answers · Rosario · 7 days ago
They've improved our lives so much so that we now can live much longer than we used to. We can travel around the world in under a day. We have an endless store of information quite literally at our fingertips. We can talk to someone across the world in real time. We know more than we ever have. Besides, most... show more

While reading the Wikipedia entries of some of my favorite scientists, I’ve noticed some of them (Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Werner Heisenberg, Linus Pauling, and many more that I don’t feel like listing here) have children. Do you think that they were created from strange experiments or just sex?

Best answer: It would help if the age of the daughter was known

Best answer: The good Sir Prince has watched that film so many times that he can quote from it. I think that's why he was thought to be always saying the wrong thing, he was quoting the gibberish but, people naturally assumed, that he was insulting them.

Idea: Aliens have no king and queen?

4 answers · San Cristóbal de las Casas · 2 days ago
and if gods don't exists, then they don't either?

Best answer: You could try using a gun. Just make sure you're looking into the barrel before you gently squeeze the trigger.

Can I(as a tourist) buy a land in derbyshire?

7 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 1 week ago

Working at a company called Adecco?

5 answers · London · 6 days ago
Hello i just have a quick question i am considering to start working at a company called Adecco as a customer care but i do not know much about this company. I did work in ATT as a technical support for a couple of months but i left. Does anyone have any experience working at this company?

Have roughly 1000 church candles from my work and need to sell them as a bulk lot to clear space for new stock does anyone know good website in the UK that I ll be out of place this on

Are you going to work tomorrow morning?

7 answers · Houston · 1 week ago
Best answer: Somehow

Best online shop for Mothers day gifts in India?

6 answers · Other - India · 2 weeks ago

May urges Corbyn to do a deal, what next?

16 answers · Dusseldorf · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Even now May is playing the political hand. She knows that the Conservative Party is on the verge of imploding and wants to implicate the Labour Party in the Conservative woes. Labour have their own problems, but they’re not so dire as the Tories, Corbyn would be crazy to fall into a blatant Conservative trap but... show more

Becoming a bricklayer at 40. Is it too late?

12 answers · Austin · 2 weeks ago