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Poll do you love flowers?

76 answers · Garden & Landscape · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes, there's something magical about them.

How often do you vacuum your home?

14 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 20 hours ago

How do you get rid of fleas in your home?

13 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 23 hours ago

should be replacing it even if it's working fine.

Can a small fridge be plugged into a standard US household outlet?

17 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 3 days ago
I m in the US, and I m thinking about getting a small (not mini or compact) refrigerator that "must be plugged into its own dedicated 10 amp 120 volt 60 Hz AC only electric outlet." Can I plug it into a standard household outlet if I don t plug anything else into that outlet, or do I have to have an... show more

Whats your dream home?

8 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 23 hours ago

It used to be you could buy a large set of tools in a cardboard box with the tools in plastic bags and just put the sets together on socket rails at home. Now every set has been shrunk down and comes in stupid blow molded cases that are junk or even worse is the damn foam drawer inserts that never fit anyone's... show more

Can I wash my clothes with bleach and ammonia in the same wash?

9 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 2 days ago
Best answer: NO! Mixing ammonia and bleach will produce toxic Chlorine gas.

What is a drill bits?

9 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 2 days ago

Why does Maryland have palm trees?

10 answers · Garden & Landscape · 3 days ago
Best answer: Because people planted them. They don't grow in Maryland by nature, but there are varieties, like the windmill palm (with the bag fan-type leaves), that are supposedly hearty enough to deal with winters up this way. (In a state next door and I keep wanting to plant one myself...) If they have regular fronds... show more

We recently moved into our house and with the house came a bamboo forest in the back yard. instantly after moving in we went straight into cutting down the bamboo, spendin nearly the entire summer figuring means to get rid of it.... I noticed all of the surrounding neighbors are starting to have bamboo creep onto... show more

How many tiny homes can I build in my backyard?

8 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 2 days ago

How far away can a public pool be smelled?

7 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 1 day ago
I’m considering buying an apartment. It’s pretty perfect - good price, size, daylight, green yard and all - but it is about 500 meters (0.3 miles) from a place that will have two large community swimmingpools in the summer months. Will I be able to smell this at all? I have very strong chlorine and chloramine... show more

Why fo the stores start decorating for holidays months early?

5 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 15 hours ago
Best answer: They want to sell the stuff, and knowing that many people like to decorate early, they put it out about August or thereabouts. Also, people who make crafty items for Christmas work all year on their projects, so they need supplies handy. It's annoying. People who buy toys and bunches of stuff for kids often... show more