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Air conditioner won’t keep up? What could be the issue?

16 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago
My mother and I just moved into our grandmother’s house. Since we moved in, we noticed our grandma’s AC unit runs constantly. It has only been 80 degrees each day we’ve been here, and her house is medium-sized, but we noticed her air conditioner won’t keep up. It’s set at 72, but during the hottest part of the day,... show more

Typically speaking. Or do Carpenters normally Not deal with toilet issues such as this. Please explain why or why not.

I have a question about washer and dryer in my small apartment?

18 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 4 days ago
I live in a small apartment. The building has washers and dryers in the basement. Most of them don't work, so I am thinking in buying my own w/d. But I have two questions about it: will my bill increase substantially? Where is the water for the machine going to come from?

What is the easiest and most efficient way to unclog a kitchen sink?

12 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 2 days ago

Is there an elevator which can go side ways?

28 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 4 days ago
Like going up and down and sideways too

Why is there a bunk bed with two beds butt not with three bedds?

13 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 2 days ago

Why are appliances sold like this nowadays?

7 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 9 hours ago
Best answer: It was made to go obsolete so you have to buy another one. It's called planned obsolescence.

Is it possible to do an 1800 to 2000 sq foot roof in a day correctly?

9 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago
when my parents had their roof done it took a long time.maybe a couple weeks altogether. it is a 3 bedroom cap cod. now where i live they are doing the roof in a day. all shingles removed and replaced. I can see 2 people working at the moment.

What's the brightest lamp I can get?

10 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 2 days ago
I want to turn it on during daylight cause I have a crazy neighbor who keeps turning on his lights during the day to annoy me. So I can give him a taste of his own medicine!

overkill, so they can add as much expensive but unnecessary work to pad the bill.

How do I repaint my front door?

8 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 2 days ago
My front door is a double door with glass panels taking up half of the top. It is painted a dark brown colour and is very chipped. There is a noticeable different in thickness between paint still on the door and where I can just see wood. Do I have to completely strip all the old paint down or can I just sand it. I... show more

Why are there earwigs in my strawberry patch?

7 answers · Garden & Landscape · 1 day ago
I used straw instead of mulch because I already had it. My bf says the straw is attracting the earwigs. Is this true? Should I get rid of it? Also, it has been raining. A LOT. And I know earwigs like damp places, but I've never seen them in my garden before. I don't know what I thought they ate, but I... show more

Do I need an electrician?

8 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
I changed 3 out of 4 lightbulbs on my ceiling fan. I used LED bulbs equivalent to 60 watts. Suddenly one day the LED bulbs dimmed to almost nothing and the regular bulb burned out. This light is on a dimmer switch. Do I need an electrician or do I need a new light kit? Also, was this caused by using LED bulbs... show more

What is a natural/non-chemical alternative to bleach?

11 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 3 days ago
Best answer: For what purpose? if it's for laundry, I'd recommend washing soda which is basically a more acidic version of baking soda. Works great on stains or whitening clothes like T shirts, socks, etc...Another product called Mrs Stewarts Liquid Bluing also works good to whiten white clothes. Or Oxygen based... show more

Do you listen to music every day?

34 answers · Other - Home & Garden · 6 days ago
Best answer: I try to to and guess maybe coz here music a lot and also on TV so can't get away from it nowadays..maybe on holiday I could. I listen to music when going places like to work or whatever..its really good plus listening to music helps me relax 😀 Listening to music as I type this answer 😀 Gonna go to my bed... show more

What are the key benefits of hiring a reliable moving company?

7 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 19 hours ago

replace these things, or would I need a carpenter or contractor or WHO?

What kind of screw is this?

5 answers · Do It Yourself (DIY) · 1 hour ago
I’ve never seen a 3 “pronged” screw before. I have no idea what kind of screwdriver to even order because I can’t figure out how to google it