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I'm a high school freshman. I'm in Civil Air Patrol, I do kickboxing, Anti-Defamation League, and I do two honors classes (my school only offers 3 freshman year) and plan on taking more next year. I also have a part-time job. My main issue is the fact that I don't do a competitive team sport, although I... show more

I graduated from Uni last year, but one of the things I loved about Uni was how quiet and comfortable the library was. I am a writer and do some programming and was wondering if there is any way to gain access to these libraries again. I would even be willing to pay...any one have experiences in this? or... show more

Idk how college works?

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When you transfer to colleges, do you send the transcript/GPA of every single class you have taken previously? or only the ones that are transferable?

So an acquaintence asked me to tutor her, she's a sophomore in college and I'm a sophomore in college as well. Not for any particular subject, she just needs help with writing essays and stuff because English is not her first language. But I have no idea how much I should charge, what do you think is... show more

Best answer: If you want a website full of lies that will confirm what you already want to believe, there's always Converapedia.


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Best answer: No, and if they do say it’s late that’s B.s. it will be accepted.

Best answer: Yes. Of course, it depends on how you define conservative. many conservative colleges/universities are also affiliated with a religion. Some are more academically rigorous than others. Some have predominantly conservative students but the faculty is more liberal-minded.... show more

Can you be a failure at 25?

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I’m 22 and I was out of school for two years... I finished my AA in 2.5 years due to remedials.. when I tried to apply for my university I missed the deadline then when I applied for summer the wouldn’t let me take summer or fall.. so now I’m transferring to another school and that has accepted me and is not... show more

Best answer: I think that most people at some point or other get sick of their chosen field, even if they once loved it (and perhaps will love it again). It doesn't have to be all or none. Take a step back and breathe. Working and studying at the same time is always a hard road no matter what you study. Maybe take a... show more

Best answer: So you have 25% F. 50% will be your final. 25% on your lab- what is you grade in that now? You need a C to pass. So if you get an A on your final you are at a C Yes you can pass. It depends on what you get on your finals and lab work