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Please explain any bible scriptures you use?

Best answer: everyone saying that it is NOT disgusting has no idea what money is covered with,,, you can get e.coli from it dude.(among a lot of other bad/gross stuff)

Does the McChicken from McDonald's come with mayo on it?

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Why do I have a stalker moving all my questions?

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Best answer: So .. this isn't meant to be a Dining Out in Melbourne Australia then ? My guess is that it's one of the Anonymous answerers you have here !!

Are atheists taking over earth?

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This is an invasion. 1,200,000 people crossing the border illegaly. Thats more than the entire US army

What do you think his waist size is?

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Hey libs what happened to your trump- Russia collustion?

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Is it possible Hillary Clinton could have been less than honest with her accusations?

Christians lovingly made that stuff over dozens of years in a tribute to their God, Jesus Christ. They think some kind of engineering firm is going to just come in at repair it? If they dont' have love for the Creator it's going to be nothing like the original Notre Dame.

Anyone else CRAVES ham on their Wendy's frosty?

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I thinked Nasa fooled people about Black Hole Do you believe on it ?

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stephen hawking one of the greatest producer of making fake animated movies about astronomy and galaxies Nasa found one blur yellow ring so why should we believe on them even we all know aliens and ufo are good to watch in movies not in reality

Best answer: Cuz it fun

I prefer to eat out rather than in and I'm looking to expand my palate as well as my horizons.

Best answer: Trolls that like to speak ill of the religion of Allah and of His Messenger (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) are no different from the gatherings where people say similar things that constitute kufr. In both cases it is haraam to stay in such gatherings and it is haraam to seek wisdom from such people,... show more