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Is it wrong to ask my mom for money?

125 answers · 3 weeks ago
Im 24 year old guy and have a job and work 40 hrs a week but I don’t get paid much (around 1200$ a month . My car insurance is $200, my phone bill is $150, then I have this 3000$ Liam I have to pay $110 a month off. Plus my credit card bill $100. I have to buy my own food and still have to give around 500$ a month... show more

I'm shipping out to Fort Jackson next year and my recruiter gave me this Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form and told me to sign up for a checking account. I'm just wondering what bank would be a good choice.

Best answer: Both are stable. Both are screwed if the economy crashes. Here's one thing you don't hear anyone talk about. What happens if the government changes the rules? Let's say the government keeps borrowing and gets in really bad shape and just has to raise taxes. Who do you think they will tax first? ... show more

We are moving out of my mothers apartment with our daughters she makes 33k/yr & I make 28k. Rent 800 plus electric. I will have no way to get to work unless I finance n get something quick. I can’t stay at my mom long enough to buy a car out right. Should i finance? Any advice

Best answer: For security purposes, they don't send the PIN and the card in the same envelope. Your PIN will arrive in a day or two. Once it does, follow the instructions to activate the card.

Ways to make money at 16 ,?

15 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm very busy studying and training so I cant take on a job but if there are any suggestions of things I could make to sell or other methods

Best answer: It is a good idea to do both. The 401k is a terrific investment vehicle, but that money will be taxable in the future (unless your employer has a Roth 401k, where your contributions are after-tax, and your employer's matching funds are put in a traditional 401k, which will be taxed later). What you don't... show more

Best answer: You can use it ANYWHERE ON EARTH. The only potential issue is that if you have never used it outside of your 'old' state before, Chase may flag it as a suspicious transaction. If you informed Chase in advance, they should take care of making sure the computers don't flag it as suspicious.

Best answer: I don't see it as "hard" but rather time-consuming. I spend as much time making up my grocery list and gathering coupons as I do when I am doing the actual grocery shopping itself. I put groceries in the order of the store aisles and when I put together a recipe I always check to see if I already... show more

When do direct deposit start?

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My last pay check was August 24th in mail . Switched to direct deposit on Monday 27th. I’m paid biweekly will I get another pay check in mail or is my direct deposit coming it says pernote on my stub statement prenote verification .

Money? I needs it!!?

24 answers · 3 weeks ago
Whats a fast way i can make money from home?

I don't have a lot, but I have various kinds

I want to open a Roth IRA?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: You do not need to have a 401(k) before you open an IRA. In general terms if your employer offers a matching program then you want to put in up to what your employer will match before you open an IRA. Let's say your company only matches 4% of your contributions but you can afford to invest 7% of your income.... show more

Cant budget my money?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
When i get payed i spend all my money how do i stop worrying