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I need to make some money ASAP


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I take ALL the money from the sale and BUY Amazon stock (AMZN), but also have it not inside an IRA type protected acct.? Would this just be a "swap" of market stocks since I'm not actually using the KO proceeds to keep for myself right now, but instead buying another stock? Thanks for your help.

1 oz bar of pure gold.

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$10 worth of silver quarters sell for $200 on ebay even though they're only .90 silver. You can buy a 10 oz troy silver bar .999 for the same price!

Is investing in silver worthwhile too?

What should I do with $1000?

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Can I sell body parts for cash?

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For example, instead of donating liver or kidney can I sell them for cold hard cash? I heard it's illegal in the US but what about other countries?? And how much can I get for each organ???

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I’m wondering if such a thing exists: a trading software that would buy a stock at certain price and execute if goes up to a certain price but sell if it goes to a certain price below the price I paid for, all at once with out waiting or doing it manually by myself after I put in a buy order. Thank you

How do I go about investing in stock market or do I just hire a stock broker or something to do it for me? And what are the chances I lose it all?

I invested 10k ( on margin) in Tlry stock, it was at 245 and then it plumeted to 90 dollars in A DAY and Td ameritrade sold my stock with my permission and i lost 10k. but I still have a few thousands more in savings. I'm scared to invest again in google and amazon( i've had mediocre success with these)... show more

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