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Best answer: I'm guessing that you are investing in mutual funds not individual stocks. (But you might be doing both.) The mutual funds pool money from other investors and buy a "basket" of stocks. So if you buy a transportation mutual fund (say fund XYZ) they are buying stock in several companies all at once. ... show more

How to perform futures trading?

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My stock brokerage has horrible service representatives and a multitude of software problems. Ask a question and get an incorrect answer. Or quite literally if you have a problem they may ask what you want them to do. Have not used foul language but I have at times let them know my opinion of their service. With... show more

I'm 18 and I want to invest in stocks. I think I already know the risks, but if someone could explain how the stock market works that would be great. Also how DO I invest? I want the simplest way. Without a broker.

Best answer: The idea of a Roth IRA is to invest post tax, keep it for a certain number of years and any capital gains are tax free. I hold an Inherited Roth IRA that is currently in an annuity. I get an annual payout and pay no taxes on it. And while my annuity pays 3.2% per year, it is considered one of the better rates.... show more

Best answer: Unless your "recovery agents" can catch up to the broker, expect nothing. And if you have been promised 100% recovery, you are being scammed again - no way the original scammer has left enough money in accessible accounts to get you full recovery. FINRA has issued the following warning about... show more

Suppose you think a recession is coming up (I think one will happen soon personally). If you own a broad index fund, such as the Vanguard S&P 500 Index Fund (which Warren Buffet recommends!!!), would it be a good idea to sell it? Or, are index funds like this just things you hold for life (until retirement) and... show more

Getting into stock trading and what not. I’m using robinhood. Curious. What are the tax rules if i lose majority of the time????

I want to retire before age 50. I am 19 right now. I was thinking of divend stocks. Do divend stocks adjust with inflation? Can the stocks increase in value as the economy changes? What other methods are there to earn passive income.

Does it follow a certain order in which the assets, liabilities, stock equity should be ordered? To be more clear would investments always come before property? That's what I'm trying to get at when I mean (order). Thank you.

Hello - I am learning about investing. I have a question. People say to buy low and sell high. If I have a stock that I bought for $10 and two years later that same stock is $100 and I want to sell it, then where do I put the money? Let's say I think this is already as high as it will go, by the way. But,... show more

Best answer: Ask the people who bought Bitcoin last year for over $20,000 each and it is currently worth about $7200.