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Best answer: THE FLYING DEAD !!!!!!!!! ZOMBIRDS !!!!!!!!

It makes a clicking Noise

Best answer: Your tires should ALWAYS be filled to the proper air pressure when they are cold. As you drive, the tires will warm up and the pressure will go up by a few pounds, but it will still be within the proper inflation pressure for your car. If you DO fill your tires to the proper pressure when they are cold, and... show more

I recently just bolted and screwed a few anchor points and tracks to my trailer to tie a motorcycle. Underneath my trailer has a lot of screws sticking out. If I cut them flush with the underside of the trailer, will it affect the strength? If I don’t cut them. What can I do to prevent them from poking and stabbing.

I won't ever buy a car with gas door on passenger side cause it's too long of a walk.

My car uses OEM 15" tires but if I were to upgrade to 17" will it return higher MPG?

I see air compressors on sale, but what the F, because no where does it say whether they are compatible and will work with paint guns.

Do cars still have a timing chain ?

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Had white cloud coming from my exhaust, had a cracked leaking radiator, I was loosing coolant. Got the radiator replaced & now only thin smoke for about 5 to 7 min after startup. Could I have a small head gasket fracture?

How long would it run before it blew up?

I recently took my 2009 malibu to a buddy of mine that has his own shop to get serviced and replace needed parts. After everything was all set and done (claims it took him almoust the whole day) he charges me $906 parts and labor of the following: Sway bar links Sway bar bushings Passenger side Tie rod Timing... show more

Lowering the cost of repairs?

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Best answer: Most mechanics won't install parts unless they purchase them directly. However, it's often cheaper for you to buy the part, especially online, and find a mechanic who will install it - However, if you consider credit and warranties as legal tender then it's really a hit/miss scenario wherein it's... show more

I just found out my car has rusted brake lines and some of the frame is rusted. I was told the brake lines can be repaired, but it would not be safe to drive because of the frame. Is it possible to repair a rusted frame or probably not worth it? The car is over 10 years old and has a little over 100,000 miles.