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sometimes when driving a car will have highbeams on me while driving or at a red light. mainly red light though i hate that, is there a way to get back at them? can i adjust my mirrors to make the highbeams bounce off back into their eyes

I want to own a car company and I want to know how much it will cost.

I went to the dealership a couple days ago. My tire pressure light came on and they dealt with it. So here I am a few days later, the tire pressure light came on last night. I inspected my tires. There’s nothing there that could have punctured my tires. It’s also cold here in California like mid 60s during the... show more

I have a 2000 cadillac eldorado etc and when I tried to check my cars trasmission fluid level I noticed that the cap which is also the dipstick was broken. I tried to look online for a replacement cap for my car but so far I've not been able to find anything. If anyone can point me in the right direction I... show more

I need a small sensor type device for my car. The size and shape of a Lego brick. I could pay to get in, take it out, put it in my pocket, and just walk out with it. Do people do this a lot? Does the junkyard worry about it? Please don't freak out, I'm not considering doing this, I'm just curious.

How much does a wheel barring cost?

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So I need to get a new wheel barring for my car and I want to know an estimate on about how much I’ll be spending. I don’t have a high paying job, I work at a grocery store so I am kinda worrying. Also if anyone knows how much new shocks are too that would be great! Thank you

I have a 1997 toyota corolla. It still runs and drives but it has some serious rust issues. Basically, the rocker panels are rotted out. There was also a hole in the floor that thankfully my mechanic patched up for cheap. Know it sees the wheels wobble when i hit bumps and i dont know why. Should i get a new car or... show more

Work vehicle windshield cracked while I was in car wash and my boss is saying I must had the defrost on high and the cold water cracked it. Is this possible?

Could it just be the battery cable and the starter is fine? How do they even know?

instead of having the switch on auto i put it on and i turned off my car and locked it i woke up the next day and the parking lights were still on i then realized it was cause i had the switch on. could leaving the orange parking lights on overnight do any harm to the car?

Like if my fog lights are H16, could I use a different one? Like for example, an H11?

My friend that’s working on it ( he know about cars). Told me it’s more things wrong with it that’s going to need fixing. Grant it the head and the a.c don’t work.but it does drive. Also you make a left turn or sharp turn it clicks by the wheel. It’s a 2004 Nissan xterra with 139,000 miles. I will have about $7,000... show more

Best answer: The caliper doesn't have to be replaced unless it leaks. If the pads have meat left on them, don't waste money replacing them yet. Replacing the bearing and hub is going to cost you enough. If that shop insists on selling you more than you need, go to another shop. Yeah, when a bearing lets go, the wheel... show more

Slow leak on car tire?

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I m waiting to get my tire repaired but today is an oil change and they rotate the tires It s on the rear on the car which is a rear wheel drive mustang. Would it be better to rotate it to the front ?

Car was trapped in a LOT of snow and I spent a long time shoveling it out. The tailpipe was completely clogged and I had no idea what to do, so I sprayed it with some of the de-ice spray I keep in my car. Immediately after I regretted it because I had no idea if doing that would be dangerous considering a door or... show more

When I am on the road it’s fine but when I stop for a red light or whatever it’ll stall or just turn off, I turn it back on and it’s fine but then will do it again. My car is automatic transmission Incase you’re wondering.

Why won't my car start?

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When I turn the key in the ignition, it doesn't make any noise and the car won't start, but I can turn the radio, air conditioner, and all of the lights on and off.