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My car costs $8,000 to fix. What should I do?

73 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago

Do tires matter?

27 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago

Can you get a ticket for having a car parked outside with expired plates.?

20 answers · Insurance & Registration · 1 day ago
Best answer: Outside of what? Outside of your home, in your driveway, or in your side yard? No. On a private street? No. On a public street ? Yes. REF: Have a couple dead vehicles, expired tags, on my property. My city only insists if they Look bad And Easily Visible from street, a regular car cover. Not a tarp. Still,... show more

Is it possible to keep a hidden key on your car?

29 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 4 days ago
An extra key to use if you lock yourself out. Is this possible?

Would you buy a car with "Check Engine" "Maintenance Required" "ABS" or "TPMS" on?

Why are Americans so against trains?

13 answers · Rail · 20 hours ago
With Amtrak being so outdated, it must seem Americans hate trains, what is the reason for this?

Are motorcycles better than cars?

14 answers · Motorcycles · 1 day ago
Someone told me you can speed through traffic on a freeway going 100mph on a freeway and it beats being ina rushhour traffic.

Will we still be driving cars in 2060?

56 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 6 days ago

Is $1000 to fix a side mirror a ripoff or normal?

20 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 3 days ago
Mirror on 2018 Toyota Tacoma broke off and dealer wants $1000 to replace it. Is this a ripoff?

Time to get rid of car?

13 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago
I have a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix w/ 168k miles. I bought the car in May 2018 w/ 144k miles and have put so many repairs and replacements into it that I've gotten to the point where I don't think the car is worth keeping too much longer. Here is the list of what I've done to it thus far... show more

I woke up to this

Am I really asking too much?

20 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 3 days ago
I got a new car lease and a clean car is something I m picky about. Whenever I drive with my friends around, I ask them not to vape in my car because for anyone who does, it leaves a terrible film on windows. They always give some bullshit excuse like, "It s just a little bit" or "I have a nicotine... show more

Can you get out of a car lease?

8 answers · Buying & Selling · 17 hours ago
I got myself into a lease with a jeep wrangler and I just got it impulsively. (young and dumb) I really want to get out of it badly the payments are so ridiculously high, it wouldn't be so bad if the car insurance wasn't high as well but they both are crazy high! I would even trade in the car for a cheaper... show more