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Why do women want to have the right to kill their own babies?

36 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Can money buy happiness?

30 answers · Psychology · 21 hours ago
In other words, Is money a measure of happiness?

Why do some men say they believe in TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES?

17 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
But then if a woman says she wants to become housewife, then they call her gold digger, no ambition, lazy, loser? Lol wth??

Advise for a 17 year old to become more confident?

14 answers · Psychology · 1 day ago
Okay so I’m 17 almost 18 and I’m that socially awkward quite girl in class .i get so much anxiety when I’m asked to do a presentation like my heart pounds so loudly it feels like it’s about to rip out of my chest and my whole body shakes uncontrollably and I stutter over my words it’s so embarrassing.Even when the... show more

Why do some people oppose policies that favor women?

12 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
Don’t they know these policies are needed to create a level playing field to give women a fighting chance to succeed? I know I wouldn’t have gotten my current job if not for affirmative action.

This survey below demonstrates that women's primary sexual interest is *masochism*, and they prefer male dominance more than men actually like to dominate. Most of their fetishes involve receiving pain, humiliation, violence, "rape", and abusive acts towards themselves. Men also prefer female... show more

Are you pro life or pro choice?

28 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

What do you call a man who thinks women are useless?

18 answers · Gender Studies · 23 hours ago
Women who think men are useless are being called feminists. What would the male version be? InCel? MRA? Red Piller?

Does being molested cause ptsd?

4 answers · Psychology · 18 hours ago

Men how do you feel when you watch porn?

16 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
Best answer: Relieved

Please tell me what does this dream mean? Thank you very much?

4 answers · Dream Interpretation · 21 hours ago
I had a dream last night of me holding back this door that was continually being pushed against me and I saw my mom and my sister inside the room on top of the bed, looking scared and I felt like I had to keep holding back the door so whatever that was behind the door wouldn't come in. I opened the door... show more

Why can’t I just relax?

10 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
I don’t know why but on days where I have nothing to do, I always get so depressed because I just don’t know what to do. I try something random, watching tv, Netflix, YouTube, etc. Then I get bored, switch to another thing, get bored again, and it’s like I’m never fully satisfied. Is it my mind state? What am I... show more

Best answer: I assume we're talking about in the US? First off, the large majority ... MAJORITY ... of women in the US do not consider themselves feminist though do consider men and women equal. Which is to say, they've stopped believing feminism is what it claims to be, or they didn't believe it to begin with. I... show more

It does seems like if a female does something bad, other females will have her back. They'll even sell out their own father, brother, or son over a female stranger. Do females really stick together like that? They never betray each other? Is the girl code that strong?

Do you support feminism or equality between women and men?

21 answers · Gender Studies · 3 days ago
Best answer: I support gender equality. I DO NOT support what is called "feminism" today.