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Best answer: I can shoot a gun or even a pool cue left or right handed, but my left hand is more dominant and natural. Even thought I'm right handed.

Biden Vs Trump who wins?

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Who will win and win and win?

Craigslist wont list it under firearms!

Why do people take sports so seriously like it's life and death?

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It's just a silly game lol. And they pay them like they're miracle workers. All they do is play around in front of cameras Then again, often the easiest occupations get paid the most...and for that I'm not complaining when I get my piece :)

Can Watford beat Man City in the FA Cup Final?

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Why are muslims playing football in ramadan?

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they cant play well with no food.

What s the worst topic to talk about when you re eating?

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if so, what powder type, charge, and bullet weights? gun would be a ruger GP100. i know the ruger redhawk 357 would be better for something like this.

So Man City win a treble and no one really cares?

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What does this say about Man City

Is Pep Guardiola an overrated manager?

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Has only managed three clubs in his time - three of the world's best who already had a massive advantage over their opposition. Would be harder for him not to win trophies and he probably couldn't do it if he tried. He has so much funds guaranteed you know his teams will win trophies. Probably would be... show more

Are the Chicago Bears cursed?

13 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago
They haven't won a super bowl in 33 years and only made the playoffs twice in the last 12 years.

If you had a kid would you named him Chris Benoit.?

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Why are liberals so dumb?

10 answers · Curling · 2 days ago
They say “men shouldn’t be making laws about women’s bodies”. Which is stupid in the first place. Based on that logic women shouldn’t make laws affecting men. And the law they made was to ban murder, so how is that bad again? How about non-gun owners shouldn’t be making laws for gun owners?

Bucks or raptors?

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Best answer: Any team that is backed by a multi billionaire has an unfair advantage over the rest of the league. I would have thought that was obvious Mr Anonymous

I'll see this a lot. There is a road and a sidewalk next to it. Lots of people like to ride their bicycles on the road and I have move my car away from them and/or slow down a lot to be careful not to hit them. Why not ride on the sidewalk??? Is it even legal to ride on the road?

Do you like my real name ? sharkisha tarquisha dave patel?

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