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She's a UK citizen and should have the right too return, you can guarantee if she was white she'd be allowed. All teenagers make mistakes, but it's the duty of her fellow British citizens to take care of her and her new child.

Who will win the FA Cup Final this year?

19 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago

How many teams do you support?

25 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
Best answer: Manchester United, Manchester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, AS Roma, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, PSG, Lyon, Benfica. Yeah, that's 12.

EFS why do you think the Moon landing happened or did not happen?

14 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
If we’re going to argue something fcking controversial like this we should actually bring up some points.

Will there be a movie someday about Colin Kaepernick?

11 answers · Football (American) · 10 hours ago
I can see that libtard racist director Spike Lee involved.

Why hasn’t Trump locked up Kaepernick?

17 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago

The guy isn't even 21 yet and has already won the World Cup and starred on the way to winning said tournament. His club form looks excellent and as PSG said the other day he looks like he's been playing at the top level for years. Just how good can this boy become? Does he have even more room for... show more

Is Aaron Ramsey worth the reported £400,000 a week ?

12 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
And do you think he'll be a success in Italy - he's hardly a "Gazza" after all ?

Where does Neymar rank in the greatest Brazilian attackers of all time list?

11 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
Some names to compare him to: Pele Ronaldo Ronaldinho Rivaldo Zico Garrincha Socrates Arthur Freidenreich Romario Bebeto Kaka Adriano Jairzinho Tostao

Whats the best bear and cougar protection?

15 answers · Hunting · 2 days ago

Is Oba questioning the moon landing?

14 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago
Could he really be that much of a retard🤣

Do you think Tottenham can win the CL?

11 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
Bar something amazing happening in Dortmund Tottenham should qualify for the quarters. How far do you think they can realistically go? They should have Kane and Alli back soon. It depends who they draw but they will have to play elite teams at some stage.

How much money do you think Kaepernick received in his settlement?

15 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago

Why did the Baltimore ravens trade joe Flacco to the Denver Nuggets?

37 answers · Football (American) · 5 days ago
Best answer: Because they were able to pick up something in the draft for a guy they were going to cut anyway. They've moved on to Jackson as starter and need to shed Flacco's contract.

Best answer: Maybe he should move to another section he seems to know about everything other than football

Who will win Chelsea with Man U and advance?

7 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 6 hours ago

Is Man City's Phil Foden ready for his full England call-up?

10 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
I don't watch much Prem football but was super-impressed by his goals v Newport. Is he always this good or just looked good against a inferior team?

Football books you have read?

9 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 1 day ago
Which football books have you read? It can be autobiographies, tactics, football finances, anything related to football. I have read Soccernomics and half of Inverting the Pyramid (tactics book) as well as some autobiographies. I'm not much of a reader these days (I wanna remedy that) but used to read a lot... show more