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I'm not just talking about the movies, you know. The comics and the cartoons as well. What's going to happen to it all? To me, the death of Stan Lee means the end of Marvel itself. What's going to happen now? Will Marvel stop doing what it does all together? Now I'm really scared. Stan Lee is one of... show more

Best answer: I think it's great, can't wait to see it.

Always felt that say for a Japanese to English dub that the English voice actors come across far better personally. The Japanese voice actors always seem to not understand tone or have a grasp on anything more then screeching into the microphone at the most obnoxious pitch possible in my experience.

Even though Stan Lee died, could someone else dress up as Stan Lee so we can continue seeing him in all the Sony movies? I really want Stan Lee to still be part of our culture, so I think having him in all the Sony movies would be nice. Maybe he could be Iron Man as a cameo in the upcoming Sony movie Infinity War.

Who beats Thanos in the comics?

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Best answer: Several people, but most relevant to the recent movie is this: The mass extinction Thanos causes gets reversed by "Adam Warlock", and then Adam more-or-less kills Thanos & sends his spirit into the Soul Gem. But here is a better list:

Best answer: Venom Honorable Mentions: Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Carnage

Best answer: Batman is by far smarter. Sure Spider-Man cold trap him in webbing, but Batman's been in much worse scrapes than that. Even when Bats didn't have access to his utility belt when he was trapped in something somewhere or was bound up some kind of way he still had access to some kind of ace up his sleeve.... show more

Best answer: The Joker is smart, but strategically. Without fully knowing what he's getting into, Osborn will kill him. Significant tech/arsenal advantage.

Best answer: They most likely filmed all of his cameos for the 2019 films. After that, they may as well retire the cameo. They already have plans for Phase 4 in 2020 and beyond. The MCU will continue without him.

Best answer: From what I can find, Martin Goodman was in charge of Timely Comics, which evolved into Atlas Comics after WWII. From Wikipedia on Marvel Comics: Goodman's business strategy involved having his various magazines and comic books published by a number of corporations all operating out of the same office and with... show more

Best answer: Holy 3rd rate, perhaps it will be Robin. RIP Stan Lee, you are one of the great ones.