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Poll would you ever have breast implants?

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What's the best job you've ever had?

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and why

Men answer only: Should I do it or not?

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I am 23 and have breasts like a child that starts puberty, I hardly even fit a A cup. I'm very insecure about it and never even had a boyfriend, i'm ashamed of myself, I worry that men dont want me because of my flat chest. Nobody wants a pancake for a girlfriend or wife so I was thinking for a breast... show more

Is the end near?

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How many undies does Donald trump wear. my guess is 23?

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Can Nicole kidman get any more fake she has...?

17 answers · Hair · 3 days ago
fake boobs, bleached hair, bleached skin and straightened hair

Best answer: Nope. I think that's a very good price, as some will charge upwards of $500+. You're paying to set it right and get it healthy again. You did the right thing.

Best answer: Have a sleepover and offer to wax her lip..she'll get the picture.

Best answer: Because he is an unstable genius. Wait.... One word doesn'tt belong there. And it isn't genius.

What type of clothes should I wear if I become bald ?

11 answers · Fashion & Accessories · 2 days ago
I am 21, losing my hair very fast, it looks like I will be bald by 25 or 26. What type of clothes will suit me then ? Right now I wear t-shirts which makes me look boyish. But after I become bald, should I switch to formal shirts to look more matured ? Any ideas ?