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For a book. What would some annoying teenagers think of as a nickname for someone who’s just a bit serious and boring?

I need answers?

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I’m writing about cosmetics animal testing for an assignment for my English 10 class. It has to be in the form of a letter, but i’m not sure who to write to. Do I write to a specific company who still tests on animals? I’m not sure! Would really appreciate some ideas ASAP!

Best answer: The start of the 21st century and new millennium means nothing to you?

If yes, why?

Can someone do my homework for me?

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How do I solve this?

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Best answer: 24.0 = (x)/(0.850 - x) multiply both sides by (0.850 - x) 24.0(0.850 - x) = x 20.4 - 24.0x = x add 24x to both sides 20.4 = 25.0x divide both sides by 25.0 20.4/25 = x x = 0.816

Every US intelligence agency without exception agrees Russia interfered in the election, and you know that getting 17 different intelligence agencies to agree on anything less obvious than the sky is blue is quite remarkable.