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How do you play the game?

8 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 day ago

Why do libs hate hunting and trapping, But not fishing?

8 answers · Other - Games & Recreation · 2 days ago
Best answer: who cares

Is Fortnite dying?

34 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 days ago

Is using a walkthrough for a video game cheating?

5 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 hour ago
Just curious. If theres a certain game that I really cant figure out how to beat, like the first Zelda or Metroid is it bad to use gamefaqs? Or just in general is it cheating to use a walkthrough? Classic games and yet they are challenging to figure out.

Should i play fart videos through my mic so everyone in the session can hear it?

10 answers · Other - Games & Recreation · 3 days ago

Skyrim or WoW?

20 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 days ago
skyrim or world of warcraft?

Gamers, what are all of the junk foods you eat while playing?

10 answers · Video & Online Games · 4 days ago

Do you think this might he racist?

9 answers · Video & Online Games · 4 days ago
Best answer: would that be racist? You should put "dark skin" or something of that nature because if you think about it, not every person with dark skin is black or african American. For example there are indian people with dark skin tones as well as spanish.

Where can i play sad satan uncensored full?

4 answers · Video & Online Games · 1 day ago

What is a good way to get beat up?

10 answers · Video & Online Games · 6 days ago
Best answer: Just walk up to the nearest police officer, and attempt to grab his/her gun. Alternatively, walk up to any gangbanger on the street, and tell him that you just had sex with his mother.

Raining Disney?

5 answers · Amusement Parks · 3 days ago
Hi Guys, For my boyfriends birthday I got us some tickets to Disneyland for this weekend. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to rain on Sunday. Does anyone know what things to do at Disneyland or the surrounding area that would still be fun regardless of the rain? Thanks! I appreciate the help!

I don t want cartridges, I just want to refill it using my bottled ink. Thanks for your help

Is the lotto a tax on the poor?

6 answers · Gambling · 4 days ago
Seems like the lotto is just there to get money to the government from the poor, opinions?

Can someone tell me why the sewing needle looks like this?

7 answers · Hobbies & Crafts · 6 days ago
I’m trying to learn how to sew by using a friends machine and I can’t figure out why the needle looks like this.