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Do I have an eating disorder/body dysmorphia?

11 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago
I’ve asked some questions on Yahoo before and have been told I need to stop asking about weight or else I’ll get an eating disorder. I know Yahoo Answers isn’t filled with doctors but... I’m 16, female, 5’9.5 (69 1/2 inches) and I weigh 130 lbs. my measurements are 33 bust-26 inch waist-36/37 inch hips I really... show more

Why can't people accept the earth is flat?

108 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago

I hate my life and don't know what to do.?

24 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago

Isn’t just a deprived mind to compare those to each other? I understand conservatives want to promote polygamy and incest in their churches.

Do meds work for depression?

26 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago

Guys, what would you do if a woman squeezed your balls?

23 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago

How to lose weight?

49 answers · Diet & Fitness · 4 days ago

Why do i like to masturbate in front of other guys?

33 answers · Men's Health · 3 days ago

They are red and dry and when wearing them feel like someone’s pouring boiling water on backs of hands What do I do to help soothe my hands and stop them from being dry and flaky

My fiancée wants me to look like a supermodel?

31 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
I felt good with my body (I'm 35-25-37, height 5ft 9in) but my fiancée wants me to look like a supermodel. He insists on me to go to the gym 4 times in a week, checks my progress in muscle making (I hear often that my *** is too flat and my thights little too fat), advices on my diet (meat, rice and... show more

Is fruit really that bad for you?

17 answers · Diet & Fitness · 12 hours ago
It's got lots of sugar in it. Believe it or not, fruit leads to weight gain. Vegetables, fish and water are where it's at.

Do I have hiv ?

11 answers · STDs · 1 day ago
Best answer: Not likely HIV, but possibly anything from chlamydia, gonorrhea, or herpes. HIV dies very quickly outside of blood.

Are atheists delusional?

22 answers · Mental Health · 1 day ago

I'm on the brink of suicide where I don't actually want to do it but I'm not sure I can cope with the pain anymore of being alive. I can't tell anyone because I've been suicidal before and they just put me in psychiatric units. If I go to a psychiatric unit I won't be able to finish college... show more

How to pleasure a guy who has a lot of foreskin?

13 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
Best answer: I'm circumcised (i.e. no foreskin) and yeah, oral sex feels fantastic and is part of regular sex. I love it and it's a big part of having sex. But I think it's a circumcised thing. And since guys in the US are circumcised it's a normal part of sex here (thank-god!). I have a Euro friend who is... show more

Which is worst?

60 answers · Mental Health · 4 days ago
A brother having a sexual relationship with his sister or a 14 year old having a sexual relationship with a 21 year old?