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I’m 30 years old and still live at home with my parents because I chose a useless major?

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I majored in cosmetics and minored in film studies 7 years ago and still work a part time job as a waitress and have 45k left in student loan debt. I have no health insurance, the only bills I can afford to pay for are my phone bill, food and gas for my car. I make around 800 a month. Why did no one tell me these... show more

Best answer: Unemployed or jobless are the most appropriate and common terms used.

What is the average rate for a 23-year old in the Navy?

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What is the cure to homosexuality?

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I need to so people will accept me

What does being "cordial" mean?

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Should I report kids vaping on my school bus?

13 answers · Primary & Secondary Education · 4 days ago
These high school students in the back of my bus are vaping everyday on my bus. I am sick of smelling it, and am worried about second hand vape. Should I report this to my principal?

Best answer: A PhD is NOT a course. It is research into a subject. Usually 3 years with a thesis at the end. You would need a BSc and a MSc,. My son has a PhD in Polymer Physics, you have to be super Brainey. UK

Does a degree define success?

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I am really stressing right now. I am 20 credits shy of graduating with my bachelors degree and I am currently on probation. I have to pass all of my classes with a c or better. If I don’t, I will not be eligible for financial aid. I have been through a lot that has caused me to plummet in school. I went from being... show more

After Jesus’ Resurrection, Was His Body Flesh or Spirit?

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What is the most desirable college to go to in the us?

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if you were a wealthy, even royal foreigner what us college would you send your children to? Princeton? Yale? Duke? what is the best or rather what is the most "upity" college? For a book. Thanks.

Is the plural of moose meese?

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How important is a gpa for future education?

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Best answer: A 1.7?? And I thought I was bad when I graduated with a 3.0! Anyways, your high school GPA does matter if you have hopes of going to a 4-year university. Unless you're going into a for-profit scam school like Phoenix or Devry, you won't be able to get into a decent college that will be respected by... show more

Best answer: As a new century approached, it was necessary to address issues of obesity by conducting a meeting.

Which class is the hardest Organic chem 1 or Calculus 1?

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Best answer: it mostly depends on your interest levels and aptitudes I found that calculus required considerable digging and thinking to get it to make sense - the basic principle is easy but putting it all into practice gets strange sometimes I found organic chem to require a lot of memorization (I was not fond of that) -... show more