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What does 2 lines mean in t-mobile?

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How do I add more storage to my iPhone?

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I have a 16gb iPhone 6 and the storage is horrible, I can't take anymore pictures because I ran out of storage and I can't download more than 3 apps. How do I add more storage on an iPhone 6?

Is vinyl superior sound to cd?

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Best answer: CDs are clearer and due to their nature of sampling, do not capture the full sound possible. On the other hand, Vinyl gives you that full sound + scratches, hisses and distortions. That is its nature. Of the two, I'd prefer the CD. I am not enough of an audiophile to detect the missing sound, but I sure as... show more

What is the best Android phone for $400 or less?

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Need a good phone, but do not need a $1000 Galaxy 10 or Iphone.

Can I convert monotone speakers into a stereo system?

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Recently bought a sound system consisting of 2 x Sony Gtk-x1bt s however disappointed to discover unlike other speakers I ve had they are monotone sound. I d prefer a stereo system as will be using left and right channels for music and TV speakers and wondering how I might do this if even possible, could I... show more

Best answer: ??? Now that's a new one to me. Landlines around here are still the same. A hardline connection from the phone to the phone hub....back at the telephone's central office in town.

What's better tv quality or size?

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I have my eyes on a 86" led/lcd tv it shows good quality and way better than TV's in 2001 so what's the problem witg 1080p? I'm stuck in between a 75" QHD very realistic quality product or basically a lcd 85".

How can I get my tv to turn on?

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I have a 4g mobile, has this happened to anyone before?

What stylist (needle) should I buy for my record player?

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Best answer: Only morons listen to that fat deaf junkie. Phuque hoff.

Help! Can’t change shutter speed on my DSLR?

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I am on manual mode on my Nikon 3400, but I can’t change the shutter speed to slower than 60 and this yellow icon shows up, what does that mean? The icon on the upper left, below the big M

If I reset my phone (samsung s9) will it erase my number?

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How to record vhs to dvd?

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I want to convert some vhs tapes to dvd and then make a video combining footage to make a compilation video. how to do this??

Best answer: If this is your first time, look up one of the PC building websites (like ) and follow one of their buid suggestions. In that way, you can be reasonably sure that the parts they chose will at least work together. Keep in mind that. at PCPP, yuo'll usually have to add another couple... show more

Best answer: Carriers have no issue activating used phones, but Sprint and Verizon based networks use frequencies that require the phone to have a compatible cellular radio in it. You need to verify anything you buy has the right capabilities for your carrier. At&T and T-mobile based networks will generally be compatible... show more