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And why should we hire you?

19 answers · Can Tho · 1 month ago

Best answer: To keep quiet about his son being Prince Harry, which means that he is not really a “prince” at all; since his dad is not the Prince of Wales.

Does Zenz look cute with his black boyfriend?

3 answers · Vung Tau · 4 months ago
Best answer: His black boyfriend is probably hung like a bull and he likes getting those cheeks busted I didn't ask this question you stupid wench, seen as you lack the savvy to get ip addresses ask yahoo they'll tell you it's not me

Why does my car have problems working at night?

14 answers · Other - Vietnam · 8 months ago
it works perfect on day mode but when i put it on night mode, that’s when i start getting problems and i’ve called my dealership and they didn’t help whatsoever. i put it on race mode once and hit the car behind me while i was on the highway, it was an old man so i was able to escape. is this vehicle just disfunctional

So why did Sir Isaac Neutron shoot that apple off that guy's head?

17 answers · Other - Vietnam · 8 months ago
what has that got to do witht gravitation?

Best answer: Find out if you can contact the instructor and find out how he feels about your lack of manual shifting will affect you. Since the safety course involves low speeds you will only be exposed to using a manual clutch and will not be shifting from first gear into second gear. It is easier to become accustomed you... show more

Option a: Take away the stick Option b: Give the other kid a stick Option c: Give every kid a stick Option d: Give every teacher a stick I think Trump would go with option d

Best answer: they that he is WINNING

Are oil changes for cars really needed?

30 answers · Other - Vietnam · 9 months ago

Best answer: so your tires don't slide!! don't be reckless.