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vet payments are so expensive. But what if I decide to youtube on what to do to help the dog be okay? Examples: if its sick, upset stomach, broken leg, etc

Best answer: The immigration thing about Brexit is a red herring promoted by the Remain campaign to try and make the Leavers look racist. Brexit is and always was about getting away from the political and economic domination of the EU.

lengthened to protect him, endangering the lives of the other regular guys by shortening their time allowance

And why should we hire you?

21 answers · Can Tho · 7 months ago

Best answer: To keep quiet about his son being Prince Harry, which means that he is not really a “prince” at all; since his dad is not the Prince of Wales.

Best answer: I can help you with this, but it involves a lot of reading. I'll try to keep the technical mumbo-jumbo to a minimum, just because you asked an intelligent question and you asked nicely. That's rare in here. Anyway... Yes you can use an antique vehicle as a daily driver, but no it's not wise. With... show more

Why does MDMA make everything perfect?

9 answers · Quang Binh · 1 year ago
I use this website a lot and those of you who know me know I ask a lot of questions about life. When you take MDMA, it makes things perfect. Ur at ease, happy, focused, when you speak you can think quickly and speak clearly, i would say ur almost super human with all the focus, energy and lack of... show more

Who's getting a DUI or possession charge tonight?

13 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago

A used 2017 Honda CR-V with 20,000 miles. Plus it's white color which I HATE. How can I get my parents errr Santa to give me what I really want?????

Why did the Aldi woman die in hospital?

3 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago
Why can't they give her blood transfusions and mend the wounds?

If you kiss a Kurd do you become a Kurd?

4 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago

What ethnicity does he look like?

5 answers · Vung Tau · 1 year ago
Best answer: He looks like a mix of Hispanic, Asian & Middle Eastern to me.

What is the point of handicap parking spaces?

10 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago
Best answer: Also most handicapped people drive HUGE vehicles. If they are so disabled how do they manage driving, parking and maneuvering those behemoths? Or do they just run over people and say "Oh well, I am disabled and didn't hear or see the person?"

Ladies would you do this?

6 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago
Best answer: Yes I always paint in my bare feet.

Is the Aston Martin DB11 2018 a good first car?

11 answers · Other - Vietnam · 1 year ago
I already ordered it and it is stunning. But I wanna know if it’s reliable and if I can use it daily? Is it the type of car that attracts a lot of attention?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the "Soulless Liberal Bugman"