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Are cats freeloaders?

31 answers · Semarang · 5 days ago
Best answer: Absolutely.

I didnt want to put all the money into to treating them, so I took her back to the shelter after 4 years of owning her. Am I a bad person for doing this?

What if I'm Violation Nation!!? Would it matter?

6 answers · Palembang · 1 week ago
Best answer: And why should people even care... Half the people here are crazy and the other half are their other accounts.

What Is Your 5 Favorites Movies From The 1960's?

10 answers · Bali · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Rosemary's Baby In the Heat of the Night Bonnie & Clyde Psycho Cool Hand Luke

How did Michael Jackson get away with it?

16 answers · Palembang · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Money. Lots of it. This is for science.

Is Planet Of The Apes a good movie?

15 answers · Medan · 3 months ago

I will be spending time with my family on a holiday to Bali Indonesia from 4th January 2019 til 11th January 2019 :)

I only been working at my job for a week in the beginning I was doing bad but now I finally caught on and am told constantly that I’m doing a good job compared to my other job of getting bullied all the time and belittled..will it’s gonna be a big snow storm later today so I called out of work..I feel really bad I... show more

Best answer: Yes. Good movie. Damn good superhero movie.

I think I’m the ugliest person alive?

8 answers · Samarinda · 9 months ago
It sounds depressing but I genuinely am when I look at pictures of me I look disgusting literally don’t know what to do

Im not going to argue that all cons are racist, but most sure as hell seem to accept it.

Does this looks like a motorcycle?

5 answers · Jayapura · 1 year ago
Best answer: Looks like a "hybrid" bike, with battery powered motor/s.

What tools do I need?

9 answers · Jayapura · 1 year ago
I just got a new job as a technician for a company....Since I have basic ASE certifications I am going to be put as an entry level technician....My automotive school provided my tools for me but now I need help on what tools I need to buy...I have my sockets and wrenches already...I know I will need a clamp for... show more

Best answer: Go on holiday to another state, and say it's for work reasons.

Does the US government see India as an enemy/threat?

10 answers · Other - Indonesia · 1 year ago