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My chivalrous messiah, Thou shabbily-clothed monk, It’s so unfairly cold, Show some mercy, May God bless you, Reply to my hello and open the door, It’s I, the sorrowful, the homeless, It’s I, the trembling wretched stone, It’s I, the despicable curse of creation, the inharmonious harmony, It is unfairly cold,... show more

Writing about myself is the hardest thing, I don't know who I am, or what's within. Sometimes, I feel like an empty shell, An empathetic soul that wishes you well. Sometimes, I am the thing I despise, A bitter monster wishing for your demise. Sometimes, I am a regretful being, One that cries for who I am... show more

Best answer: Sounds like a real hoot.

Best answer: Never heard that version of the song, but yeah, pretty much.

Let me be? Let I be?

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Is it grammatically correct to say “let I be the ___” in poetry? I know poetry doesn’t always follow grammar rules but I’m not sure if this works?

Is shakespeare consider poetry?

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Best answer: Life is ****, make the most of it while you are here and be a good person and keep faith in God.

Best answer: Hey, no shooting up schools, alright? People will blame video games for it

Best answer: I used to care about where I would shop And never thought one minute just to stop For buying anything until I drop A credit card devise's lollipop

Best answer: If you have to explain your imagery (and you do) then it's not reaching the reader.

Son likes poetry what to do?

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I have to choose a saint for my confirmation class but I can't find any female saint of literature or writing which is what I am looking for ): I found one for poets and scribes but I 1) am not a scribe, weren't those egyptians? and 2) I don't write poetry ): There are more choices for male saints but... show more

Toughest poem to recite?

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Wrote a poem for our 3 month. We are both 20. Any advice helps thanks! Everything about you I admire Truly an angel sent from a higher I was put on this planet for one purpose And that is to show you what your worth is And as long as we are together I promise To love and to protect you and always be... show more

Please help!?

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1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantic Era ideas and thoughts. Choose one of those two poets. Provide at least two ways that he or she reflects Romantic Era thinking (see insert above) in his or her writing, each in its own paragraph, giving examples from this poet's work that... show more